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with ... Joel Roelants
Saturday 01 December: Christmas day 2012 will hold an important appointment for new Monster Energy Yamaha factory motocross racer Joel Roelants.
with ... Yarrive Konsky
Wednesdsay 07 November: With two rounds of Supercross under his belt, Aust SX sat down with IEG’s Yarrive Konsky to give us his view of what has transpired over the first two rounds. This is what he had to say.
with ... Christophe Pourcel
Tuesday 18 September: Christophe Pourcel interview - two weeks of pain. The Frenchman remains one of the most exciting riders in the sport of Motocross. A technical style that is so beautiful to watch and his speed is at times not even irrelevant. Geoff Meyer writes for Youthstream.
with ... Kiara Fontanesi
Monday 14 September: Last week Monster Energy-backed Yamaha racer Kiara Fontanesi flew to California to take on the best of the AMA’s female off-road riders.
with ... Jeff Ward
Tuesday 11 September: Multiple AMA Champion and a legend of Motocross Jeff Ward was a big part of the success of Team USA are at the Motocross of Nations in the 1980's.
with ... David Philippaerts
Friday 31 August: Monster Energy Yamaha’s David Philippaerts was a recent visitor to the British Grand Prix at Matterley Basin last week.
with ... Harri Kullas
Friday 31 August: Geoff Meyer catches up with Harri Kullas for Youthstream.
with ... Steven Frossard
Wednesday 04 April: Monster Energy Yamaha’s Steven Frossard is about to embark on just his second FIM Motocross World Championship in the premier MX1 Class and does so as 2011 runner-up and one of the leading protagonists at the highest global level of the sport.
with ... Lorenzo Resta
Saturday 31 March: Lorenzo Resta is Team Manager with Honda World Motocross and is overseeing a massive Honda motocross project in 2012.
with ... Antonio Cairoli
Wednesday 21 March: For Youthstream, Geoff Meyer asks the questions.
with ... Clement Desalle
Wednesday 14 March: Desalle talks about the off-season and preparations for Valkenswaard. Copy and photo: Rockstar Energy Suzuki World via Youthstream.
with ... Jay Foreman
Saturday 03 March: Jay Foreman is the Team Manager for Motul Pirelli Suzuki's Australian Motocross and Supercross teams. He was at NZ's Round 1 in Timaru.
with ... Zach Osborne
Thursday 23 February: Monster Energy Yamaha’s Zach Osborne stands on the edge. The American is the sole waver of the Stars and Stripes in the FIM Motocross World Championship and after nearly four years as part of the Grand Prix circus the 22 year old is staring at his last possible chance to lay his hands on an MX2-GP world title.
with ... Casey Stoner
Wednesday 08 February: Reigning MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner, prepares for his second season in Repsol and Honda colours onboard the 1000cc RC213V.
with ... Zach Osborne
Thursday 02 February: The Monster Energy Yamaha rider is working hard in America preparing for the 2012 FIM World MX2 Championship. For Youthstream. Geoff Myer catches up with Zach.
with ... Livia Lancelot
Wednesday 16 November: Livia has renewed her contract with Team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki just before her final race of the season in Geneva. KRT sat down to talk about her current season and the future.
with ... Thomas Ramsbacher
Monday 26 September: The Suzuki Europe Team Manager Thomas Ramsbacher offers some perspective on the status of racing operations as they currently stand.
with ... Sylvain Geboers
Saturday 03 September: Behind the scenes at Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1 Team Owner Sylvain Geboers gives a brief history and guide to one of the most impressive workshop and team facilities in the FIM Motocross World Championship.
with ... Zach Osborne
Wednesday 31 August: American racer Zach Osborne is looking forward to a little luck. The Yamaha mounted rider has been out injured the last few weeks and was finally starting to feel confident that he could race again when he got news that his season was over.
with ... Carlos Campano
Tuesday 30 August: A week before the Grand Prix of Great Britain it was announced that Carlos Campano would replace David Philippaerts in the last three round of the FIM Motocross World Championship.
with ... Roger Harvey
Thursday 18 August: Roger Harvey is very much an important part of the three year plan of Honda to improve its results in the FIM World Motocross Championship.
with ... Andrea Dovizioso
Saturday 06 August: The Repsol rider, firmly in third position of the overall standings, is optimist for the second half of the season.
with ... Casey Stoner
Friday 05 August: The Australian rider of the Repsol Honda Team leads the overall standings with an advantage of 20 points after the halfway point of the 2011 season.
with ... Dave Thorpe
Thursday 04 August: Dave Thorpe is very much a man who talked the talk and walked the walk. With three World 500cc Championships and 22 Grand Prix victories Thorpe is one of the true legends of British Motocross, possibly the greatest British rider of all time.
with ... Tanel Leok
Saturday 30 July: Estonian rider Tanel Leok of the TM Factory team has been showing better form in recent times and we start to see the Estonian Express again at the front of the pack.
with ... Sylvain Geboers
Saturday 30 July: Former GP winner and team owner of the Rockstar Energy Suzuki Factory team Sylvain Geboers is from an era when racing Motocross in Belgium was not only a family passion, but that of the nation.
with ... Clement Desalle
Saturday 30 July: Rockstar Energy Suzuki rider Clement Desalle will go into his home Grand Prix at the Lommel circuit this weekend with one thing in mind and that is to try and break down the last point’s lead of MX1 red plate owner Antonio Cairoli.
with ... Arnaud Tonus
Saturday 16 July: Another from the Youthstream Collection by Geoff Meyer. Swiss rider Arnaud Tonus is very much a rider making improvement. Last year he was sometimes fighting for top ten positions, but this year he is now looking at the top five, even racing with the leading riders on some occasions.
with ... Gautier Paulin
Saturday 16 July: Gautier Paulin is the man of the moment going into Kegums GP of Latvia. For Youthstram, Geoff Meyers catches up with him.
with ... Ken De Dycker
Saturday 09 July: De Dycker, a former German MX1 Champion, won the Teutschenthal race last year with a double moto victory (on his birthday). He was third in 2009 and came respectively 2nd and 4th in 2008 and 2006.
with ... Antonio Cairoli
Thursday 07 July: Four times World Motocross Champion Antonio Cairoli seems to be on track to collect his fifth World title. For Youthstream, Geoff Meyer caught up with him.
with ... Lorenzo Resta
Thursday 07 July: Honda Motocross World team manager Lorenzo Resta is an emotional guy. For Youthstream Geoff Meyer caught up with him after Uddevalla.
with ... Steven Frossard
Thursday 07 July: Monster Energy Yamaha rider Steven Frossard has been the most impressive rider of the MX1 class in 2011. For Youthstream Marionna Leiva caught-up with him at Uddevalla.
with ... Roy Matheson
Monday 04 July: Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1 Fuel Injection and Data-Logging expert Roy Matheson talks about logistics and the computer's role on the Grand Prix circuit and in developing Suzuki's future production models.
with ... Zach Osborne
Friday 01 July: Best MX2 privateer rider for almost two seasons now, Zach Osborne is fighting for glory against the factory boys. 5th in the standings after the Spanish GP, the American rider is definitely looking for more success. Thumbnail - Geoff Meyer image.
with ... Valentin Teillet
Friday 01 July: Suzuki Europe MX2 will return to their original line-up this weekend at Uddevalla for the Grand Prix of Sweden as Valentin Teillet is set for his second GP appearance on the RM-Z250.
with ... Shaun Simpson
Saturday 25 June: Scottish rider Shaun Simpson has been working hard to improve what has been a slow start to the 2011 season. Making his debut in the MX1 class, the Honda mounted competitor holds down 15th place in the MX1 series points.
with ... Roger Decoster
Saturday 25 June: Belgian legend Roger De Coster will always be one of the most important parts of the FIM World Motocross Championship record books. Not only because he was five World 500cc Motocross Championships, but also because he was a total professional and somebody that brought a large number of people into the sport.
with ... Harry Nolte
Thursday 23 June: Dutchman Harry Nolte is known as one of the leading technical guys in the Grand Prix paddock and is with the Monster Energy Pro Circuit CLS Kawasaki team. Harry has also worked with Ben Townley before.
with ... Rui Gonçalves
Tuesday 21 June: Honda mounted Rui Gonçalves has been something of the 'mister consistent' in this year’s FIM World MX1 Championship. The rider from Portugal holds down 7th place in the MX1 point’s standings and is only 12 points off 5th placed rider and team-mate Evgeny Bobryshev.
with ... Rachel Fluharty
Thursday 23 June: If you follow Paul Whibley, the GNCC and Rory Mead, you will know who JG Offroad and Rachel Fluharty is.
with ... Todd Jendro
Saturday 11 June: Who is Todd Jendro? I hear you ask. Jendro is Senior Director of Two-Wheel Operations for Feld Motor Sports who recently announced the Monster Energy Cup that offers $1 Million. Also Jim Holley interviews Jendro.
with ... Steve Dixon
Friday 03 June: For Youthstream Geoff Meyer presents a series of interviews with GP riders pre the French GP this Sunday. Steve Dixon interview – Been Around
with ... Shaun Simpson
Friday 03 June: For Youthstream Geoff Meyer presents a series of interviews with GP riders pre the French GP this Sunday. Shaun Simpson interview – Family Man.
with ... Steven Frossard
Friday 03 June: For Youthstream Geoff Meyer presents a series of interviews with GP riders pre the French GP this Sunday. Interview with Steven Frossard interview – The Dark Horse
with ... Joel Roelants
Friday 03 June: For Youthstream Geoff Meyer presents a series of interviews with GP riders pre the French GP this Sunday. Joel Roelants interview – Hard work
with ... Ken De Dycker
Friday 02 June: For Youthstream Geoff Meyer presents a series of interviews with GP riders pre the French GP this Sunday. Ken De Dycker interview – Injuries and bad luck.
Who is Simone Zecchina ?
Wednesday 01 June: With Valentin Teillet still injured, Suzuki Europe MX2 have drafted current European EMX 125cc two-stroke championship leader Simone Zecchina into the team for this weekend's Grand Prix of France at St Jean d'Angely.
with ... Eugene Laverty
Sunday 29 May: Just over two weeks after the stunning double victory in Monza, Yamaha got together with Eugene Laverty to talk about his first World Superbike win and his plans and ambitions for the near future, starting with the next round in Miller, USA this weekend.
with ... Glen Coldenhoff
Friday 27 May: For Youthstream, Harry van Hemmen interviews the highly regarded youngster who was here in New Zealand at the 2009 Junior MX Worlds. Photo: Ray Archer.
with ... Doug Dubach
Saturday 21 May: The name Doug Dubach was prominent at the US GP last weekend in Round 2 of the Vets World Championship where he came 2nd overall. The Moto Giveth talks with Doug about Dubach Racing Development about the beginnings of DRD, how to cope with today's economy, and the people who have shaped his business ethic.
with ... Alan Cathcart and Hugh Anderson
Wednesday 18 May: The 2010 Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza took place on 23-24 April. 'Sir' Alan Cathcart audio interview with four-time World Champion Hugh Anderson.
wth ... Anthony Boissiere
Thursday 05 May: Geoff Meyer interviews Anthony Boissiere for Youthstream. He opens by commenting that Boissiere is something of a question mark in this year’s FIM World MX1 Championship.
with ... Ben Townley
Thursday 05 May: Adam Wheeler's intuitive interview for Youthstream. BT101’s GP return on the track at Valkenswaard perhaps didn’t quite turn out to be what he or anyone else was expecting.
with ... Jason Dougan
Thursday 28 April: For Youthstream, Geoff Meyer interviews British rider Jason Dougan is very much a rider who needs to make the most of his chances in 2011.
with ... Jordi Tixier & Pascal Rauchenecker
Wednesday 20 April: For Youthstream, Stanley Leroux interviews them riding in the Nestaan-JMRacing KTM squad in the MX2 Motocross World Championship.
with ... Jeremy Van Horebeek
Wednesday 20 April: For Youthstream, Geoff Meyer interviews Red Bull Teka KTM Factory rider Jeremy Van Horebeek.
with ... Stefan Everts
Tuesday 19 April: For Youthstream, Geoff Meyer interviews Stefan Everts on 'Team Orders'
with ... Steven Frossard
Wednesday 13 April: Geoff Meyer interviews Steven for Youthstream.
with ... Evgeny Bobryshev
Wednesday 13 April: Geoff Meyer interviews Evgeny for Youthstream.
with ... Marc Coma
Saturday 09 April: Marc Coma talks to KTM Racing News after winning his fifth Desert challenge.
with ... Ben Townley
Friday 08 April: BT101 will miss this weekend the opening round of the 2011 FIM Motocross Championship, but is actively working for his comeback after his winter injuries.
with ... Tyler Bowers
Friday 08 April: Newly-crowned 2011 Arenacross Class Champion Tyler Bowers
with ... Taddy Blazusiak
Saturday 02 April: Recently crowned as the ‘11 Indoor Enduro World Champion Taddy Blazusiak is about to switch disciplines and turn his attentions to the Enduro World Championship and this weekend's GP of Spain.
with ... Cristobal Guerrero
Saturday 02 April: KTM Enduro Factory Team welcomes Spanish talent Cristobal Guerrero.
with ... Thomas Oldrati
Wednesday 30 March: Just a few days before the first two rounds of the 2011 WEC Enduro World Championship in Ponts Spain, KTM Racing News took time out to talk to Thomas Oldrati, one of the KTM Factory Team's most promising young talents.
with ... Rui Gonçalves
Saturday 26 March: Honda World Motocross caught up with Rui to find out his thoughts on coming back to Honda, his feelings towards his new team mate, Evgeny Bobryshev, and how he is making the transition to the 450.
with ... Clement Desalle
Friday 25 March: 3rd in 2009 and 2nd in 2010, Clement Desalle is hoping that his career trajectory continues rising for 2011 when the young Belgian faces his sixth season in the FIM MX1 World Championship and just his second as a works Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1 rider.
with ... Shaun Simpson
Thursday 24 March: Shaun Simpson on MX1 and coming back to Honda.
with ... Tarah Gieger
Tuesday 22 March: Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda rider Tarah Gieger dropped by the TransWorld Motocross photo studio and talked about her upcoming 2011 race season, her boyfriend David Knight, and her 'new' look !
with ... Toni Bou
Tuesday 14 March: The Repsol Montesa Honda Team rider secured his fifth Indoor World title yesterday in Madrid..
with ... Steve Ramon
Tuesday 14 March: Twice FIM World Champion and seven-times Belgian number one, the Suzuki Press Office catches up with him and talks experience, Le Touquet and 2011.
with ... Dani Pedrosa
Friday 11 March: The Repsol rider, satisfied with the official tests held at Sepang, faces the last training sessions in Qatar before the start of the Championship.
with ... Zach Osborne
Tuesday 08 March: American racer Zach Osborne of the Bike It Cosworth Wild Wolf Yamaha team goes into this year’s FIM World MX2 Championship as the dark horse.
with ... Steven Frossard
Saturday 06 March: The acquisition of Steven Frossard boosts the Monster Energy Yamaha team’s presence in the premier MX1-GP class to three riders.
with ... Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg
Friday 04 March: Many will remember Twitch's visit to NZ when he appeared in a Dean Lonergan Events show at the Trust Stadium, Waitakere. 'Twitch' has now parted ways with the Metal Mulisha after an 11-year relationship.
with ... David Vuillemin
Thursday 03 March: Transworld Motocross caught up with MotoConcepts Yamaha’s team manager, David Vuillemin, to talk about their replacement rider, Antonio Balbi, and how Kyle Chisholm is healing up after his crash in Houston, Texas.
with ... Nate Adams
Tuesday 01 March: 27 February 2008 the FMX World community was born. A crazy little project started with nothing but lots of good will, love and passion for FMX and the right spirit. And now three years later we are the biggest FMX community in the web and we have one of the largest collections. Here is an excellent interviews with Nate Adams.
with ... Jeffrey Herlings
Friday 25 February: Young Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings must be sitting back and watching Ken Roczen get all the attention during his American Supercross experience and smile at the chance to come up against Roczen at the first round of the FIM World MX2 Championship, set for Bulgaria on 10 April.
with ... Blake Baggett
Friday 11 February: Team Green graduate Blake Baggett makes his debut on the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki KX™250F this weekend in Houston. After a one-year hiatus from the green machines, Baggett is back and ready to prove that he has the speed to win in the highly competitive AMA Supercross Lites Eastern Region class.
with ... Fabio Farioli
Wednesday 09 February: Fabio Farioli is Director of the KTM Enduro Factory Team. Interview and thumbnail courtesy of KTM Racing.
with ... Pit Beirer
Wednesday 09 February: Pit Beirer is KTM's Motorsport Director. Interview and thumbnail courtesy of KTM Racing.
with ... Andrea Dovizioso
Sunday 06 February: "I go back home happy to have been among the fastest" , he shows his satisfaction with his performance after the Sepang test. The first tests of the season in Malaysia ended on a positive note for Dovizioso. His times on the RC212V 2011 placed him among the top times in Malaysia, achieving results that confirm the excellent start of the Repsol rider and set the path to follow in the approaching World Championship.

with ... Brandon Tipene
Sunday 05 February: Positive debut for Brandon Tipene. Moto-Media broke the news of Brandon's change of bike brands to Suzuki and Kawasaki and riding for MR Motorcycles. We wanted to catch up with Brandon on how his debut race went down in Woodville.
with ... Damron Atkins
Friday 28 January: As the Marketing Manager for Traxxas, The Fastest Name In Radio Control®, Damron Atkins has been at the forefront of helping bring the motorsports world to radio control. Starting with their sponsorship of the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green and factory off-road program, Traxxas also broke into the supercross discipline with their involvement with the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki supercross team.
with ... Marc de Reuver
Friday 28 January: Marc de Reuver from the Yamaha van Beers Racing Team had surgery on his shoulder last Friday. De Reuver crashed while testing in Spain and torn a ligament in his shoulder. The operation went well for the former Grand Prix winner but he surely will miss a lot of pre season testing.

with ... Jeffrey Herlings.
Monday 17 January: 2011 Here I Come. Dutch teenager Jeffrey Herlings is slowly working his way into the position to challenge fellow Red Bull Teka KTM Factory rider Ken Roczen for the World MX2 Championship.
with ... Harry Nolte
Thursday 13 January: Dutchman Harry Nolte is the team technician for the Monster Energy CLS Pro Circuit Kawasaki team in Europe. Nolte has been around the sport for many years and has worked with names like Stefan Everts, Ben Townley and more recently Steven Frossard and Jeremy Van Horebeek. In 2011 he will work with Ben Townley, Max Anstie and Tommy Searle.
with ... Rui Gonçalves.
Tuesday 04 January: After three seasons in the factory KTM squad, Rui Gonçalves entered a new challenge aboard one of the Honda Factory Bikes. The young Portuguese discovered his new bike during a trip in Japan, and he is highly motivated for his first full season in the MX1 class.
with ... Robert Watherston
20 Dec: Massimo Zanzani is an Italian 'freelance photoreporter' who has never missed a European Motocross GP since 1981 - his 30th year. Here Massimo speaks with Robert Watherston who is the current Numero Uno in the sports department of Honda Motor Europe. Watherston explains the reasons that have convinced the Japanese manufacturer to officially line up again in the main class of Motocross.
with ... Scott Simon
10 Dec: Former Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green rider Scott Simon recently added two championships to his resume after winning both the MX1 and MX2 championships in the Brazilian Championship of Motocross.
with ... Mike Fisher
19 Nov: Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Manager Mike Fisher has almost seen it all in supercross and motocross. With the 2011 AMA Monster Energy Supercross, an FIM World Championship season coming up fast, MEK checked in with "Fish” to see how the preparations are coming. Courtesy of Kawasaki Racing.
with ... Broc Tickle
09 Nov: New to the Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki team for 2011, Broc Tickle took time between riding and training to talk about the transition to Kawasaki, his goals for the season and what he did in his time off.
with ... Shaun Simpson

04 Nov: Five minutes with Shaun Simpson, an update from Britain's leading MXGP rider - Manchester.
with ... Mike Ahola
05 Oct: Mika Ahola wraps up the E2 title and with it his fourth consecutive world championship crown with Team Honda HM Zanardo.
with ... Dean Wilson
01 Oct: Coming off an inspiring 1-1 win at the final national of the year, Dean Wilson, the newly crowned AMA Motocross Championship's Rookie of the Year.
with ... Ryan Villopoto
29 Sep: It’s been just over five months since Ryan Villopoto was shining bright in the racing spotlight.