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with ... Kiara Fontanesi

#8 Monster Energy-backed Yamaha racer Kiara Fontanesi.

The recently-crowned FIM Women’s Motocross World Champion confirmed her position as the fastest female motocrosser on the planet by winning both motos at Lake Elsinore for the final round of the American series.

Here the eighteen year old from Parma describes the experience of travelling over to compete on another continent and through capping a remarkable season in which she has dominated women’s dirtbike racing. ‘Fonta’s’ work this season is not quite complete yet as she aims to win her seventh event from a total of eight in the 2012 FIM series with the Grand Prix of Germany this weekend.

Kiara, were the motos tougher or harder than you expected in the USA?

No, not really, although I didn’t expect to win so easily there…in fact I didn’t expect to win! So it was a surprise in a way. I thought the level would be higher than it is in Europe but it isn’t. If anything it is the other way and I think there are faster girls in Europe.

What comparison can you make between the American and European scenes?

I found many good things but as I was over for just one race then I don’t think I really got the full picture. I thought there might be more emphasis behind women’s motocross, but it is not so different to Europe. Overall some things were better but then the FIM World Championship also wins in other parts.

How did you find Lake Elsinore?

The track was new for everyone and it was really deep and wet in the beginning with a lot of jumps, doubles and a big table-top. I didn’t do one of the doubles which Fiolek was making every lap. The track was not easy but it was cool and I enjoyed riding it.

Are you thinking about an AMA season now?

It is hard to say right now! I feel good in the FIM World Championship and that’s where I’ll be next year with Yamaha and Monster Energy. But I love the USA so…who knows what options we might have for the future.

How was the reception from the press and the American public and people?

Really nice. I felt good with everyone there, especially the Yamaha and Monster Energy people and all the help from the Rock River team; they were really hospitable and made me feel at home. It was cool to meet some other Pro riders like Blake Baggett. I asked him for a photo and he said because I’d gone 1-1 at the meeting then he’d like a photo with me! It was also nice to have congratulations from Ken [Roczen] and Marvin [Musquin] and Gareth Swanepoel and even Mitch Payton. I wasn’t sure how the American fans would feel about a European coming over and beating their girls but the response was good and the reaction to my visit was really positive. I am happy we went and I want to give a big thanks to all who made it possible.