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with ... Harri Kullas

Finnish rider Harri Kullas is very much a rider who has a lot to hope for in 2013. Having injured his knee at the Grand Prix of Sweden, Kullas has missed the last four Grand Prix and will not return to the FIM World MX2 Championship in 2012.

"I had a one year deal with Rockstar Energy Suzuki and now I am just looking, trying to find something for next year. I am just 20 years old so I can still ride in MX2. I mean, there are many chances and I hope I can get something good, we’ll see."

A return in 2013 and a new beginning is what Kullas hopes for, but it's not going to be easy with so many great young riders coming from the European Championships and a number of young guns moving up the rankings.

At the time of his injury Kullas was fighting for a top ten place, but is now down in 16th place with 132pts. Before his injury Kullas had not scored well, picking up his rest result in the Grand Prix of Bulgaria where he scored 28 points.

With hard work being done now in his recovery period will give him the winter to prepare for 2013 and hopefully in the mean time a team will pick him up.

"We had surgery after Sweden in Germany and it was going okay, I started physio after two weeks and it's been seven weeks now, so it's coming slowly. I mean, I am cycling and making exercises; and we have a good physio in Estonia and I hope to be able to ride again in November. We go week by week and see if I need more time. I want to be sure it's 100% good."

Kullas is one of the bright young stars of the future, so back next year with 100% fitness it wouldn't surprise me to see this Finnish charger make big inroads into the top five in the FIM World MX2 Championship points.

Photo: Image credit Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe