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with ... Lorenzo Resta

Typically Italian he loves the sport of Motocross with passion and continues to learn more and more about how beautiful this sport is. Last weekend in Sweden his rider Evgeny Bobryshev produced his best ever result, finishing second in the Grand Prix and continuing to build towards his first ever Grand Prix victory.

For Youthstream, Geoff Meyer caught up with Lorenzo while he was drinking champagne after the Sunday’s racing and asked him about the special feeling in the Honda Motocross World team at the moment.

Pictured right: Lorenzo and Evgeny - Ray Archer image 

Lorenzo, the team seems really happy at the moment, there is a really special atmosphere in the team.

For sure results like that are great to make a nice atmosphere, even in the past when we had bad results, we tried to keep the good atmosphere in the team and always smiling, but of course, when you start to have results like Boby is having, then it makes a big difference. We are really happy, it is something like a dream and you know sometimes when you have a dream and you wake up and it isn’t a dream, well this time we wake up and the dream continues.

I can’t wait to see what happens if Boby wins a Grand Prix. How do you think the team would celebrate it?

I will cry if that happens. It is a long time since we were always on the podium celebrating victories, I am not sure, we know how to do it, but we would do something special for sure. We are so close at this moment, closer than the last four or five years.

When did you guys last get a Grand Prix victory?

Our last Grand Prix win was in 2008 with Marc in Lierop. It was one of the greatest races in our sport. In 2008 Marc crashed three times and won the race by riding really fast near the end of the moto, it was amazing.

Can you feel that the atmosphere in the team is building to something special?

Yes, we feel that. We came from nothing, last year it was the worst for us in many senses, but we stuck together as a team and we grew up as a group. This year we started to build something really strong. Our target is to have the best group in the paddock. We know having victory isn’t easy at the moment. There are teams that are stronger than us, we know that, teams that can fight for the victory more often than us, but at the moment we want to have the best group of people in the paddock.

Are teams like KTM an example for you?

KTM is an example, but our biggest example is Rinaldi and Geboers, because they do it in a different way. KTM does a great job, but the proportion of their budget from the other teams is huge. To be honest, if you look at their MX2 team, it is really special. Look at the de Carli team, before they went to KTM they were still a strong team, and now KTM is a good bike and they still get good results. The MX2 KTM team is different. It was created like in a laboratory, mixing the best riders in the World Championship and you build the best MX2 team ever and then the results come for sure, but the rest of the top teams are not like that.