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with ... Pit Beirer

Pit, after the fantastic success on Motocross in 2010, KTM puts new efforts in the Enduro. What is the strategy for this 2011 WEC season?
The strategy is very clear. We want to prepare ourselves as good as we can to compete in all classes and fight for the world title. After we had such a great success with our new Moto Cross bike, we can't wait to see the new Enduro bike on the track.

Together with Stefan Everts, you have been part of the development of the 350 SX-F, from the first draft, until the fantastic MX1 world title won in 2010. Now the project "350" goes on Enduro and Johnny Aubert: this will be the pair to beat in 2011?
Absolutely, we learned a lot from the bike development together with Stefan. We used the same philosophy and knowledge to make a strong Race bike for enduro. No compromise, a bike must have an easy handling, must be stabile on fast sections and you need a lot of power with good control.I am sure the new 350 will fulfil this request and Johnny Aubert together with this bike will be a strong package.

The 2011 Enduro Factory Team: champions like David and Johnny are together with young talents from Spain, Finland, Italy, like CristobĂ l Guerrero, Eero Remes and Thomas Oldrati. Do you think the young guys are ready to fight with their older team mates already?
Since many years we have brought up young talents who nobody knew and years later they were World Champions. Thanks to Fabio Farioli we have always this lucky hand to find these great guys.There is always the question can the young and wild generation beat the experience of the ``legends``, but for us it is a pleasure to work with these athletes and the mix of both.The young guys they bring in the speed and the unbelievable motivation and the older ones use their experience. The whole team gets stronger this way.This is the great part of Racing, nobody knows before the season what is coming up, we just need to prepare our self very well.

What is the future for KTM in the offroad motorsport in the medium term?
During the recent years we managed to put ourselves in a great position in the offroad world. We won all the titles which were important for us. I would say, now the difficult part will start for us, we need to keep ourselves in this leading position. But thanks to a great board of directors and an unbelievable group of engineers in the R&D department, I can tell you KTM is fully committed to offroad and we will take every single title fight in the offroad world very seriously. In short and medium term KTM will be brand to beat...