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from ... Clement Desalle

I had a great feeling after winning the U.S. Grand Prix last weekend. There was not so much time to sit back and enjoy it because we had to get packed and the days were busy until we moved to Los Angeles and took the flight to Sao Paolo. Physically I felt fine afterwards and that is always a sign of a good GP!

Glen Helen was a different place for us simply because two laps could take around six minutes and the usual World Championship circuits are shorter. Having those longer laps means you have to take more care in getting a rhythm going, but the challenge is the same for every rider. I was able to win both motos and also take pole position and it felt a bit special to do that. I was ahead in the two races and I didn't change my lines that much although the track was different as the weather moved across.

I felt OK in the practice but judging possibilities for the race after just a few sessions is not really my way to work. When qualification went very well then I had my strategy, but you can never be too sure how each 35 minutes and 2 lap race will start and then pan out.

When I opened the curtains on Sunday morning I could not believe it. The rain was a big surprise and the sky was so dark. It seemed it would never change. Thankfully it did and with the wind, the track was good in the second moto.

I like to win every race but taking the GP at Glen Helen was positive for Rockstar Energy and all the team. Last weekend was my seventh victory in the World Championship and I think it was one of my best just because I was strong all weekend.

I did not do much in the way of a celebration and with such a short week it is not really my style as I like to focus directly on the next GP. I did some sport and went running where we were staying in Ontario and then we started the trip to LAX and pretty much spent a whole day on the road. We had already dropped my girlfriend and mum at the airport. I like having my family around me at the races. It helps me concentrate and also relax at the right moments.

I didn't sleep much on the plane from California and never really do on these long-haul flights. We came directly to the hotel, went to find some food and then I needed the bed.

Today, Friday, we drove to the track and I liked what I saw. This is a new place for me - as the last two Grands Prix in Brazil have been - and although the circuit is not in a big open place (it is nothing like Glen Helen for example) it is compact and looks fun.

Speaking of fun I was able to do the big triple at Canelinha two years ago where I won the GP but I don't think there is anywhere just as big here where I can do something to make the fans go crazy. I will have a try though because the spectators here are very passionate and like a good show. I hear we will have a big crowd...