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James Stewart

Youthstream and UEM together for the future of Motocross and Supermoto

After signing a long term agreement, UEM and Youthstream are working very closely to improve the existing Championships and to launch new ideas of how to attract more riders, more sponsors, more fans and more interest in general.

Both parties agree the EMX2 and the 125 2 stroke European Championships has had an enormous development with a numerous amount of riders with high standards. UEM and Youthstream have decided to work on new projects:

  1. A large amateur programme.
  2. Improve the quality of the Motocross of European Nations - which from this year will be open to the ‘A’ Team and where Youthstream will make strong promotion with television and media coverage.
  3. From next year there will be one big event - the ‘MX Champions League’, European Championship for all top riders.
  4. Concerning the Junior, we are working to support the 85 big wheel. There will be a Championship created, divided into 4 regions (North East Europe, South East Europe, North West Europe and South West Europe) and then the top ten from each region will race the final held together with an FIM Motocross World Championship Grand Prix.

Giuseppe Luongo:  "‘We know the importance of the European Championship in creating the base our sport’s pyramid as the large majority of riders in the World Championship come from the European Championship. We have to concentrate our European activities on 2 key points; the young and the amateur. To give visibility to the European title, we must have some exceptional events with big stars. Therefore, we will have 2 main events – the ‘Motocross of European Nations’ and the ‘MX Champions League’. This is to bring attention and value to the European title as it already exists in many the other sports, like football, athletics, etc., where the European title is very important."

Mr. Vincenzo Mazzi, UEM President: "The meeting helped, although there had been no need to reiterate the importance of a close collaboration between Youthstream and UEM for the growth of Motocross and Supermoto in Europe. We examined several hypotheses that surely the riders, teams, organizers and the European Motorcycle Federations will appreciate. I am grateful to Youthstream and particularly the President of the great support they are giving to UEM and the affirmation of its championships."