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Townley all smiles as he gets back into race mode

The former MX2 World champ and Supercross Lites East Coast Champ was all smiles as the British public got to see BT101 for the first time since representing Team NZ at the MXoN in Matterly Basin in 2006.

"I am so excited but at the same time a little nervous to be racing again.” admitted the CLS Pro Circuit Kawasaki racer.  "I was all smiles underneath my helmet and so happy to be out there because it’s been such a long time and my return to Europe has been delayed so I was really excited to get things started.”

A 7th in Moto 1 after a bad start was a reasonable start for the Kiwi but then in Moto 2 he showed flashes of BT brilliance as he challenged Stephen Sword for the lead until a broken header pipe forced BT to come into the pits.

"Every time I go out on the track I improve so I was fairly happy with my speed, especially in the second race I felt like my old self out there but I think that the biggest thing at the moment is still putting everything together – I’m still building up on my corner speed and attacking the track  and that’s all coming back to me.   I’ve only been on the bike a couple of weeks  - I know it was only a British championship and I’ve got to get to the world championship now but the speed of the top guys in the UK has always been very high.  I believe they go really well on British soil and they have a lot of intensity.  The British championship is strong and it’s very professional over there.”

With his first race nerves out of the way, Townley is taking his comeback at his own pace and is more excited to be back in Europe and to be back behind the start gate than anything. 

"At this stage I don’t think it’s worth putting in expectations on Valkenswaard next weekend.  I want to keep improving on the bike, keep on improving on my riding and then take the race as it comes.   I need to get through Saturday and then survive on Sunday.  I can’t wait…..”

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Copy and photos courtesy of Glen Dempsey at Synergy-Sport. Photographer: Stefan Paetow.