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James Stewart

Round 4 and final round of the NZ Motocross Championship

Round 4 - MX1

Championship MX1

  • Josh Coppins (Yamaha) went into the final round with a 1 point advantage but ended up -32.  He was already 7 down with one race to go which he did not start - an ankle injury in Race 1 caused him to withdraw before the last race of the day, confirming Cooper as the new champ.  Congratulations to Cody Cooper (Suzuki).

Round 4 - MX2

Championship - MX2

  • Darryll King was 2 points down going into the final round. After Race 1 he was 3 up and then crashed in Race 2, dropping 4 so the last race was the decider.  4 points the final margin after 12 races.   Congratulations DK.

Round 4 - 125 Class

Championship - 125 Class
  • Congratulations to Ethan Martens with a 49 point margin after winning 9 of 12 races.  Great effort by Scott Barr-Smith who seems to finally found his niche - the 125. h

Round 4 - Under 21's

Championship - Under 21's

  • Congratulations to Ethan Martens with a 44 point margin over Scott Barr-Smith.