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Faenza tonight - Round 2 of Italian MX Champs

Excuse the English but this is straight off their site:

Preparations made at "Monte Coralli" crossdome for Internazionali d'Italia Round #2

It does not rain anymore in Faenza, due to the fact that today the sun appeared to light and dry the new track, that has been renewed for the second time during these last days by the great work and the huge passion that the Motoclub "Monte Coralli" staff is used to give, in order to host at their best the Internazionali d'Italia event. Antonio Cairoli and David Philippaerts are already arrived in Faenza, in order to race tomorrow 17th Mmarch, and have already take their position inside the paddock area.

Even all the challengers are already present and confident for the track good conditions: starting from Nagl (RedBull Teka KTM Factory Racing), Strijbos (Suzuki Delta-Hens), Frossard and Paulin(Yamaha Factory Monster), Bobryshev and Goncalves (Honda World Motocross), Charlier (Gariboldi Racing), finishing with Guarneri (Rockstar BUDracing Lovemytime Kawasaki) and Monni (Honda Salucci Racing): everyone are already checking the ground and doing the Administrative and Technical control. We can defintely renew the appointment for tomorrow, when in the morning there will be the practice session and from 1,00 p.m., the Finals will take place for Under 17 class, followed by those of Elite class. Emotions and show guaranteed, as always, for those fans who will not want to loose another great challenge with a world championship taste.

Entries MX1:

Entries MX2:

There is a huge entry in the Under 17's.  I see Swiss rider Jeremy Seewer that was here for the Junior Worlds, looked after by Goudenz Gisler, has entered: