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Broadford has an all out Kiwi line-up

2011 Rockstar Energy Australian Motocross Championship Nationals - Round 1 kicks off at Broadford                                  this weekend with an all out Kiwi line-up.

Heading Pro Open are New Zealand’s crème of Motocross with Josh Coppins CDR Rockstar Yamaha, Cody Cooper Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki and Michael Phillips Carlton Honda Racing Team.

Pro Lites will have 2010 Junior World MX Championship contender Kayne Lamont battling with the best under Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki along with 2010 #1 in MX1 Justin McDonald Honda.

Fullnoise will be running a live text feed with a lap by lap commentary on what is happening:

Pro Open Rider List

5 Josh Coppins Yamaha CDR Rockstar Yamaha (he wears #6 in NZ) 

10 Cody Cooper Suzuki Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki (he wears #2 in NZ)

105 Michael Phillips Honda Carlton Dry Honda Racing Team

Pro Lites Rider List

94 Kayne Lamont Suzuki Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki

101 Justin McDonald Honda