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from ... Blake Gillard

Hi all,

Well the NZ GP has come and gone and to say the least it was a race I'd love to forget. 

The track is the same one they use every year down in Manawatu for the GP. 

Morning practice rolled around and I was having fun, the track was smooth and fast with some nice lines. 

Race 1:  I got an okay start, dropped a few spots then made some back and rounded out the race in 7th, wasn't too happy but had plenty to work on for the second moto. 

Moto 2: Gate dropped and I must have been sleep'in on the line, I got pinched out straight away and tip toed around the corner right near the back. I slowly made my way up but just got into a bad grove and stopped pulling back riders and found my self around 15th spot, which put me 11th overall. was pretty torn up with how it all panned out but I guess those weekends do happen in motocross, thats racing.

Time to bounce back as the Valley Champs are in two weeks followed by the first round of the New Zealand Championship so trying to get away from work a little more and get some mid week riding in - until the Valley's !