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from ... Karl Power

GNCC Series - 08 January.

The start of a new year means it's close to the GNCC Series finishing. Due to the dry and hot weather I knew getting a good start would be the key for GNCC Round 4.

I held it wide off the start and got the holeshot. I knew Paul Whibley would be hot on the job so I just pushed as hard as I could and tried not to take and risks.

The track was pretty fast and the ground was hard and if I was to come off I think you would end up second best. After the second lap Paul was right on my tail and he wanted the lead. I tried to hold him up in the first half of the lap but he was on the rev limiter wanting to get on the move. He got by and I had to wait up a bit to let the dust settle. All I could do now is click laps away and try to stay on the same pace as him. For about two laps we were running about the same but towards the end Paul picked up the pace and posted some fast lap times.

Behind us there was a small battle for the first few laps, but with Rory Mead pulling out, this allowed Reece Burgess to easily take third and Caleb Van Dragt in fourth. Paul and I had enough of a gap to fit another lap in on everyone else making the race a 2:49 for me.

Happy with this result I will go into the last round with the points lead to try and take the GNCC title for 2011.

1st Paul Whibley; 2nd Karl Power; 3rd Reece Burgess, 4th Caleb Van Dragt, 5th Conrad Edwards



Desert Storm - 15 & 16 January. 

The weather was hot, dusty and windy.  This massive two day event has been a something Power Racing loves to go to. This year we decided to pack up the truck and have a presences at DS11 (Desert Storm 2011). The set up looked good and was welcoming for the punters to come over for a quick chat before they went out riding. After making a night mission on Friday night we got there early Saturday morning and set up our pits. It wasn't long until friends of Power Racing came over and had a chat.

After a few hours of getting ready we hit the trails.  It was fun getting out there mixing it up. It was all good times. They shut the trails around 3pm to get ready for the high jump, enduro x, barrel racing and the burn out comp.

Chris and I both entered the high jump, enduro x and barrel racing, which goes towards becoming the Triple Crown champion. I bummed out of the high jump by miss judging the take off and Chris managed to score a third place. In the enduro x I wont it while Chris secured a well fought 2nd place after two lengthy stalls and a popped shoulder.

It was over to the barrel racing and again it was down to Chris and I. The course was tight and we were both as quick as each other. It came down to someone having to make a mistake ‐ it was me that made it by spinning out on the freshly cut grass and giving the win to Chris, and the outright Triple Crown title – his third in a row.

Sunday was a quick ride in the morning and a big pack up for a long trip home. Good time had by all ! Cheers Epic Events.