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Wil Hahn out, Jimmy DeCotis in.

Hahn, in his first year with GEICO Honda, flipped over the handle bars during the first practice session at Anaheim 1 and landed squarely on his back. Scans and X-rays revealed Hahn had suffered a compression fracture of his T-5 vertebra.

Wil Hahn (Geico Honda Supercross Lites) says: "I'm definitely sore, but it could have been a lot worse. The pain isn't that bad, so I'm not complaining."

Hahn was rushed to the hospital by the team and said he was thankful for everything his new teammates did for him.

Wil Hahn says: "They drove the Mule to the hospital. That's pretty daring. I can say enough about the support I've got from Ziggy and Jeff (team co-owners Rick Zielfelder and Jeff Majkrzak) and the rest of the team. I feel so thankful they were around me like that and were full of positive things to say."

Hahn said his prognosis is good and that doctors say after a couple of months of recovery time, he should be able to resume his Supercross training routine.

Wil Hahn says: "I do anything to be out there riding right now. Your back is something pretty serious to be missing with, so the priority now is getting better. I'm thankful it's not as bad is it could be, and I know I've got plenty more time to ride."

Jimmy DeCotis, a 19-year-old from Peabody, Mass., who is sponsored by Zielfelder's Factory Connection Suspension company, will join the team as a temporary replacement rider for Hahn.

DeCotis already has flown to the team's shop in southern California to get fitted for a bike and ride some test laps in preparation for this weekend's race at Chase Field in Phoenix.