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James Stewart

Successful shoulder surgery for Melandri.

Edited copy and photo courtesy of Yamaha Racing Communications, Amsterdam.

The 28 year old, a former Grand Prix 250 world champion, and a WSB rookie on the formidable YZF-R1 in 2011, has elected for a hospital visit and an overnight stay after some complaints around the joint possibly due to an old injury and in the wake of three days hard riding and testing recently.

After scans on Wednesday revealed some extra movement in the limb, the Italian opted for a clean-up procedure in order to reduce risk of further aggravation during his maiden term in World Superbike that is set to start at Phillip Island on February 27th. Dr Giuseppe Porcellini, the same specialist who worked on the shoulder of Valentino Rossi, performed the operation and the racer will leave his ward today (Friday). Dr Porcellini reported that there was no damage to ligaments therefore a straightforward ‘tidying’ took place and a ‘staple’ attached - that will erode naturally over time - will add extra stability.

Aside from requiring the use of a brace for two weeks the sole effect of Melandri’s trip to the operating theatre will be a slight interference with his ability to train 100% during the month of January but he expects to be fit and raring to go for his next appointment with the R1 in Portugal.