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Motocross is full of surprises

One biggie was the performance of Blake Gillard in the 125 Class. He went out in Pract/Qualifying on his KTM and was 7th out of 27 starters. Not bad for a late 20's something Postie who has not raced at this level for over 2 years. Racing's racing so I was keen to watch Race 1.

Race 1: Wow, he was in 2nd for 3 laps and relegated to 3rd when Wyatt Chase got past.

Race 2 and he was 3rd all moto.
Race 3 and he was 3rd for more than half the moto but finished 4th.
That gave him 2nd overall. Wyatt had 72 points, Blake 58, Claude Griffith 56 and Ben Broad 53.

Shoot Out to come and he was 'pushed' wide and once all the points were allocated, ended up 4th on the countback from Ben.
Welcome back Blake !!

Footnote: I have been a Blake Gillard 'supporter' going back many years. I raised $18,000 of sponsorship via Mainstream Freight that took Blake and his dad Wayne to do the ADAC International Series in Germany and the following year a Suzuki deal in Australia via Russell Burling and Ssangyong which, for want of a better word, disintegrated.
Photo - Phil Smith