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Woodville GP 2015 - a top line-up

Woodville Grand Prix 2015 has attracted top class fields with NZ’s Motocross riders: Junior and Senior mixing it up with some of the best from overseas.

With full gates, Manawatu Orion Motorcycle club’s annual event will not only provide spectacle racing but also provide a warm-up for riders competing in NZ MX Championships 2 weeks later.

For NZ’s top Motocross riders, the event gives an opportunity to test where they are at against the competition with the added bonus of lining up against fellow Australian riders.

Photo Credit: Phil Empson

For Cody Cooper (The Honda Shop Racing) the event will be: "My main focus will be on my starts, just to think about myself and enjoy the longer motos. Woodville gets some good ruts which will be good to have as the last 2 events have been nothing. We will all have to dig deep to win."

Photo credit: Phil Empson

Rhys Carter: ‘Bike time and race time is my main focus at the moment, just figuring out what I need to improve on and take one race at a time. Racing against Australia’s riders here in NZ is good to get a bit of a gauge for when I race in Australia so I’m looking forward to battling with everyone’.

Australia’s Kirk Gibbs, Team rider Luke Styke (KTM Motocross Racing) and Caleb Ward (KTM) along with Altherm JCR Yamaha’s Jay Wilson and Jacob Wright are soo looking forward to lining up at Woodville’s GP.

The Aussie riders appreciate crossing the ditch to measure themselves against NZ’s Pro Riders gaining valuable bike and race time prior to Australia’s MX Nationals which kick off at the end of March.

Photo Credit: In Pure.MX KTM Australia

Kirk Gibbs having completed a successful season finishing 2nd in MX1 2014 Australia MX Nationals looks forward to ‘getting behind the gate, there is nothing like lining up for a race with great competitors and getting that nervous feeling’.

Kirk says: "I’m excited to come back to NZ, everyone is so friendly, tracks are awesome and it’s a bit more relaxed racing for us so we always have a lot of fun. Racing at Woodville will help me lead into NZ’s MX Championships by getting a race under my belt, see where the race intensity is as there is nothing like racing."

Kirk adds: "Racing always takes so much out of you and NZ has great riders so it is always a hard fought battle."

                   Photo credit: In Pure.MX KTM Australia

Luke StykeNewly signed Luke Styke, 2013 MX2 Champion Australia MX Nationals seconds his Team riders comments:

"I’m looking forward to get the season started, race my new bike and get some good results!! To get some quality race time on my new machine, spend more time with the Team and do some testing will be 100% beneficial for me as lead up to Australia’s MX Champs."

Jay Wilson pic 2

For Australia’s Jay Wilson (Altherm JCR Yamaha) racing at Woodville will be a chance to see "where I’m at as I’m just getting back into riding and training after having a break post winning NZ’s Supercross Title at the end of 2014."

Familiar and comfortable racing under Josh Coppins Team, Jay confirms: "Working with the Altherm JCR Yamaha Team is great. I love working with Josh, he is a rider, he knows what a rider needs and will do whatever it takes to win."

Not one to shy away from hot topics, I asked Jay for his thoughts on 250 2 stroke vs 250F racing on different track surfaces?

Jay: "Haha, I had a lot of fun with this on Instagram last year mucking around with some people. I think the 250F is at a disadvantage everywhere we go. It’s the starts where the 2 strokes kill us and that is 80% of the race. If a guy knows how to ride a 250 2 stroke he will be good on every surface. It seems a lot more guys have got back on the 250F so that’s good to see."

  1. Since Sharon penned this Yamaha have added two more international riders. In MX1 is Yu Hirata from Yamaha Japan who was here last year and Queenslander Hunter Lawrence who will ride Junior and Senior 125.
  2. There is now 58 entries in MX2 - like the good old days!!!
  3. There are two other lesser known Aussies. Jayden Conforto on a Suzuki RMZ450 and Tomas Ravenhost on a YZF250 - I recall Tomas was a Victorian State Lites Champ.
  4. Rob Holyoake from England is back again this time in MX2. 
  5. There is one American - Eric Senk on a Kawasaki 450