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Double victory for Jaden Hassan at Manfeild

The 20 year old Aucklander qualified his Suzuki NZ GSXR1000 superbike on Pole in the premier F1 Superbike class, but the youngest rider in F1 had to work for both his wins against much more experienced racers.

Sloan Frost took the holeshot in the opening race on his Fujitsu TSS Red Baron Suzuki NZ GSXR1000, ahead of Hassan, Tony Rees (Tony Rees Honda CBR1000RR) and Scott Moir, who slipped into third on lap two. A three-way Suzuki battle developed between Frost, Hassan and Moir as they pulled away from the rest of the field to cross the line in that order.

A high-speed freight train developed behind the leading trio which included Christchurch's Dennis Charlett on his Underground Brown GSXR1000, a slow starting Red Devils Racing international Horst Saiger (Kawasaki ZX-10R), Jayden Carrick on a Penny Homes GSXR1000, and Rees, who finished seventh.

Frost, of Wellington, lead the pack away in race two but was quickly overtaken by Hassan, who pulled a gap on Frost, with Moir, Charlett, Frost, Rees who enjoyed another good start, and Carrick in tow.

Saiger, 43, suffered another poor start and promptly roared through the field in the space of two laps and into second, before he began clawing his way up to the race leader to put pressure on Jaden Hassan, who is less than half his age.

Hassan proved good for the challenge, however Saiger was pushed slightly off-line by the gusty wind heading into the final corner, which foiled any passing attempt.

Liechenstein resident Saiger says, "I thought about it but it was too much risk, he was too far away."

Charlett snatched third after another torrid battle with Frost and Wanganui's Moir.

Suzuki trio Jayden Hassan leads Sloan Frost & Scott Moir during F1 Superbike Race 1

Hassan says, "In the first race we had a few front-end issues. I had a few little moments so I backed it off and controlled it and pulled a couple of flyers (fast laps) out to try and keep them behind me. But Sloan and Scotty and Dennis were all right there.

"For the second race we made a few changes and I went one hundred percent and I was more comfortable. I got a little gap mid-race once I got past Tony Rees, Scotty and Sloan, I saw plus one on my lap board and I thought if we can keep that going it'd be good, but the next lap it was plus zero zero! There was no way I could drop Horst (Saiger), but fortunately I managed to keep him behind me."

Horst Saiger retains his lead in the Suzuki Series heading into the final round at the Wanganui Cemetery Circuit on Boxing Day, although he only has a ten point margin over a consistent Moir.

Saiger reflected after the event, "I was twelfth on the first corner then I pulled through the field. But then I came to Dennis Charlett, and that was it because he is late on the brakes! He closes every corner like it is the last corner of the last lap, so I couldn't pass him, so I ended up fifth.

"In the second race again I got a very bad start, because the clutch is worn I think, that was the problem, but the brakes were working excellent! Now I have a ten point lead, when I came here I had an eight point lead, so I was lucky."

Formula 2

Toby Summers qualified on Pole and won both F2 legs, and still leads the F2 series on his R&R Power Sports Yamaha R6.

Toby Summers leads the F2 class on his Yamaha R6

The Auckland-based plumber was lucky to win the opening stanza as the race ended early with a red flag, when Daniel Mettam, also from Auckland, was leading. The finishing positions went back a lap however, and Summers had officially pipped Suzuki GSXR600-mounted Mettam across the line by just 0.037 of a second!

Summers sums up the race, "Fortunately, I only lead that race for about 20m, and that 20m was when they called it a race - because the next lap it was red flagged! I had a few big moments on the rear, which slowed me down and let Daniel catch me up, so I thought it was just Daniel and myself, and suddenly Bailie comes around the outside. And the next lap a red Honda's nose (Adam Chambers CBR600RR) came up the inside!"

Ashburton racer Bailie Perriton, 16, claimed a gallant third from Adam Chambers, and Shane Richardson (Wainuiomata) completed his race in fifth position on his Honda CBR600RR.

Mettam grabbed the race two holeshot into turn one ahead of Summers and Nathanael Diprose. Summers snatched the lead by the end of the opening lap, while an improving Connor London also made a great start before dropping down the order on his Wil Sport GSXR600.

Summers found his form and cleared off for an easy victory from Chambers, Mettam, Rhys Holmes and Diprose who enjoyed a huge fight for second.

Mettam hopes to finish the F2 series in the top three. "Toby got a good start in race one then I passed him on lap three and lead until about lap ten, where he just got past me over the line! The next lap another rider crashed so the race was red flagged, so it ended up going back a lap. Today I got a second and a third, and I'm second overall for today, so I'm in a better overall place than last weekend."

Summers plans to stay upright at Wanganui to get more points to secure the F2 championship on one of his favourite tracks. He holds a 12 point advantage from Mettam.

Formula 3

New Plymouth's Hayden Fitzgerald (Suzuki NZ SV650) of New Plymouth and Auckland-based international Avalon Biddle (Ozzy 450) each won a race in the F3 class. Second on each occasion was a fast riding Leigh Tidman of Taumarunui (RS450). With a third in race two, Biddle leads the F3 series by ten points from Fitzgerald and Tidman, however she is now focusing her attention on gaining sponsorship for another European campaign and won't be racing at Wanganui on Boxing Day.

Aaron Lovell and Tracey Bryan (Hamilton & Tauranga) took their Barfoot & Thompson LCR Suzuki to a pair of great wins in the sidecar races, although Aucklanders Adam Unsworth and Stu Dawe rode their Eni Windle F1 sidecar well above its station in the fight for the lead, until the superior power and handling of the Lovell 'chair' proved to be a bridge too far.

Lovell sums up their days racing, "When you win a couple of races and you get Pole, you're pretty stoked at the end of the weekend. I did over-cook it a couple of times but you're on the edge, and Adam certainly upped the pace in the second race, so good on them! They are racing really well, too."

Lovell has big plans for Wanganui, "We still going out to win the races, but we only need to finish second to win the championship."

Aaron Lovell runs wide allowing Adam Unsworth to take the lead in Sidecars Race 2

Current NZ sidecar champions Spike Taylor and Astrid Hartnell(Masterton & Wanganui) completed the podium in both heats on their LCR sidecar.

Lovell and Bryan remain unbeaten and are going into the final round to win, however Unsworth has proved to be the faster starter and it's very difficult for sidecars to make a pass on the street circuit.

John Oliver (Feilding) and Travis Moan (Auckland) finished first and second in their two BEARS races on their BMW S1000RRs. Jamie Galway and Dwayne Bishop brought their machines home for third in each leg.

Eddie Kattenberg (Te Awanga) rode at record pace to win both legs of the Post Classic Pre '89 Senior races on his Bimota YB8. Sean Donnelly (Kawasaki Z1000R) of Paraparaumu and Paul Wootton from Waikanae completed the race one podium, while Wootton and Aucklander Phil Duxbury were second and third in race two on their Suzuki GSX1100s.

Jason Hulme won both Junior heats on his Honda NC30 and leads that section of the Suzuki Series.

Wanganui Supermoto ace Richard Dibben took an easy race one win on his Tyresheild 450. Yamaha YZF450 rider Duncan Hart, of Tauranga, finished second in the opening Supermoto leg while Wanganui's Ben Dowman was third on a Honda CRF450.

Dibben was set for a repeat in the second race until he took a tumble on the final lap, which allowed Casey Bullock (Reporoa) through for victory on his KTM 450, followed by Hart and Wanganui's Aden Brown racing a Suzuki RMZ450.

Hart leads the Supermoto class of the Suzuki Series by nine points from Brown, with Dibben third.

Riders converge at Wanganui on Boxing Day for the final round of the Suzuki Series, where Guy Martin will race a Suzuki NZ GSXR1000 Superbike at the Cemetery Circuit.

2014 Suzuki Series results from Manfeild, Sunday December 14.

Formula 1, race 1:Jaden Hassan (Auckland, Suzuki NZ GSXR1000), 1; Sloan Frost, (Wellington, Fujitsu TSS Red Baron Suzuki NZ GSXR1000), 2; Scott Moir (Taupo, Penny Homes Suzuki GSXR1000), 3; Dennis Charlett (Christchurch, Underground Brown Suzuki GSXR1000), 4; Horst Saiger (Liechenstein, Red Devil Racing Kawasaki ZX-10R), 5.

Formula 1, race 2: Hassan, 1; Saiger, 2; Charlett, 3; Frost, 4; Moir, 5.

F1 Series points: Saiger, 88; Moir, 78; Hassan 74; Frost, 71; Charlett, 70.

Formula 2, race 1: Toby Summers (Auckland, R&R Power Sports Yamaha R6), 1; Daniel Mettam (Auckland, RCM Suzuki NZ GSXR600), 2; Bailie Perriton (Ashburton, Fujitsu TSS Red Baron Suzuki NZ GSXR600), 3; Adam Chambers (Hawkes Bay, Honda CBR600RR); 4; Shane Richardson (Wainuiomata, Honda CBR600RR), 5.

Formula 2, race 2: Summers, 1; Chambers, 2; Mettam, 3; Rhys Holmes (Tauranga, Yamaha R6), 4; Nathaniel Diprose (Auckland, Colemans Suzuki GSXR600), 5.

Formula 2 series points: Summers. 87; Mettam, 75; Holmes, 68; Richardson 67; Hassan 64.

Formula 3, race 1: Hayden Fitzgerald (New Plymouth, Suzuki NZ SV650), 1; Leigh Tidman (Taumarunui, RS450), 2; Avalon Biddle, (Auckland, Ozzy Performance GSXR450/3), 3; Gavin Veltmeyer (Auckland, Coleman’s Suzuki GVR645), 4; Royd Walker-Holt (Auckland, Kawasaki ER650), 5.

Formula 3, race 2: Biddle, 1; Tidman, 2; Veltmeyer, 3; Fitzgerald, 4; Walker-Holt, 5.

Formula 3 series points: Biddle, 96; Fitzgerald & Tidman, 86=; Veltmeyer, 67, Whittall & Walker-Holt, 61=.

Supermoto race 1: Richard Dibben (Wanganui, Tyresheild 450), 1; Duncan Hart (Tauranga, Mimico Yamaha YZF450), 2; Ben Dowman (Wanganui, Dowman Bobcats CRF450), 3; Aden Brown (Wanganui, Harvey Round Motors RMZ450), 4; Anthony Gerring (Waihi, Suzuki RMZ450), 5.

Supermoto race 2: Casey Bullock Reporoa, KTM450), 1; Hart, 2; Brown, 3; Dowman, 4; Gerring 5.

Supermoto series points: Hart, 89; Brown, 80; Richard Dibben, 74; Dowman, 69; Gerring, 68.

F1 Sidecars race 1: Aaron Lovell/Tracey Bryan (Hamilton/Tauranga, Barfoot & Thompson LCR Suzuki), 1; Adam Unsworth/Stu Dawe (Auckland, Eni Windle F1), 2; Spike Taylor/Astrid Hartnell(Masterton/Wanganui, LCR), 3; Chris Lawrance/Richard Lawrance (Auckland, FFM Helmets Anderson R1), 4; Corey Winter/Tim Shepherd (Wanganui, Palmers Plumbing DMR), 5.

F1 Sidecars race 2: Aaron Lovell/Tracey Bryan, 1; Adam Unsworth/Stu Dawe, 2;
Spike Taylor/Astrid Hartnell, 3; Corey Winter/Tim Shepherd, 4; AJ Alex MacDonald/Andy Gorst (Kaiapoi, Daniel Smith Industries Dunoon Suzuki 1000), 5.

F1 Sidecars points: Aaron Lovell/Tracey Bryan, 102; Adam Unsworth/Stu Dawe, 88; Corey Winter/Tim Shepherd, 70; AJ Alex MacDonald/Andy Gorst, 61; Lawrance/Lawrance, 58.

Post Classic Pre ’89 Senior race 1: Eddie Kattenberg (Te Awanga, Bimota YB8), 1; Sean Donnelly (Paraparaumu, Precise Print Kawasaki Z1000R), 2; Paul Wootton (Waikanae, Suzuki GSXR1100), 3; Phil Duxbury (Auckland, Suzuki GSXR1100), 4; Paul Russell (Auckland, Suzuki GSXR1100), 5.

Post Classic Pre ’89 Senior race 2: Kattenberg, 1; Wootton, 2; Duxbury, 3; Donnelly, 4; Russell, 5.

Post Classic Senior series points: Kattenberg, 101; Wootton & Duxbury, 82=; Donnelly, 71; Russell, 68.

Post Classic Junior race 1: Jason Hulme (Honda NC30), 1; Shayne Lawrey (Yamaha FZR600), 2; Terry Moran (Kawasaki ZZR600), 3; Steven Gregg (Honda CBR600), 4; Nigel Lennox (Kawasaki ZXR400), 5.

Post Classic Junior race 2: Hulme, 1; Lawrey, 2; Gregg, 3; Moran, 4: Lennox 5.

Post Classic Junior series points: Hulme, 102; Lawrey 88; Gregg, 78; Terry Moran, 72; Lennox, 63.

BEARS Race 1: John Oliver (Feilding, BMW S1000RR), 1; Travis Moan (Auckland, BMW S1000RR), 2; Jamie Galway (Masterton, Triumph 675 ), 3; Dwayne Bishop (Wanganui, Aprilia RSV4), 4; Richard Taylor (Wellington, BMW S1000RR), 5.

BEARS race 2: Oliver, 1; Moan, 2; Bishop, 3; Robert Groves (Lower Hutt, Triumph Daytona 675), 4; Jason Bardell (Wanganui, Aprilia RSV4), 5.

BEARS series points: Oliver, 101; Moan, 89; Bishop, 76; Bardell, 63; Groves, 62.Words & photos by Terry Stevenson