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2015 NZ MX Champs - what do we want to see?

With 2015 NZ MX Championship fast approaching, what is in place for Riders, Teams, Brands, MX fans and mainstream public?


There are plenty of questions being asked: have dates been set? have venues been confirmed? are sponsors in place as is the case for our Australian counter-parts posting confirmation dates on Australia’s 2015 MX Nationals on September 23rd.


NZ MX Championships has certainly seen an increase of investment from the sports industry: Brands, Distributors, Factory Teams and Riders, Amateur Riders, support personal, clubs, volunteer persons, friends and family of each and every rider making it the most high profile 4 days event of the year.


With industry commitment an increase of professionalism has developed over recent years with Factory Teams and Riders providing spectacle racing on the track along with clubs hosting National Rounds upped the ante to promote the sport.


Equally, calendar dates of NZ’s 4 Round Series prior to Australia’s MX Nationals (which start on March 29th) has attracted overseas riders to compete- a benefit increasing the depth of talent on the start-line for each class.


So, what do we want to see for 2015? 

A National Series that matches the level of professionalism attained by Factory Teams, Riders, Brands, support crew and the sports industry.


A National Series whereby riders are given voice on track layout, prep and grooming.


A National Series which recognises where growth has occurred, attracting offshore riders to compete, promotion of sport through Media and exposure of sponsorship in return for investment.


Taken in a broader context, NZ MX Championships which is based on Riders competing in a 4 Round National Series has evolved into a high profile 4 day event for everyone involved.

Sharon Cox