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Australia and New Zealand's new position on 2-strokes in MX2

On the 4th of September, Bryan Davidson, MNZ Motocross Commissioner has provided clarification with regards to the MX 2 class. 

"2 Strokes will remain in the MX 2 class, the 2 Stroke must be standard in motor with a pipe.  At the completion of the Championship the class will be reviewed again, and if necessary changes will be made."

The NZ Manufacturers Association met yesterday and no doubt it was discussed especially when Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki don't manufacture a 250 2-stroke. We await their resolve.

Williams Event Management and Motorcycling Australia have discussed 250cc two-stroke compliance for the MX2 and MXD classes in 2015.

After much consultation, the 250 two-strokes will be back next year, with a number of new regulations set on the machines.

There have been some noted concerns about parity, and WEM has worked together with the MA Motocross Commission to make adjustments.

For the 2015 MX Nationals, the following will be put in place as reflected in the series Supplementary Regulation.

  • The 250cc two-strokes will be eligible with certain restrictions.
  • The bike must remain in stock trim from the intake manifold to the exhaust port, and all engine parts between those to points and must be OEM for that year model.
  • Intake manifold from the rubber boot where the carburetors clamp is and there is no porting or headwork allowed.
  • For those looking to change swish an extra base gasket will be allowed.
  • There are no restrictions on pipes or mufflers other than the fact that they must meet the Noise rules.
  • An MA Technical representative will be checking engines across the series, and MA will have a head barrel and piston from each manufacturer to compare with.
  • Any bikes, found to be modified will be excluded from the results of the day’s competition.