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Aussie MX Nationals - Round 8 - Raymond Terrace

MX1: Moss increases lead, Wright records career first moto win.

Motul Pirelli Suzuki’s Matt Moss has well and truly kept his 2014 MX1 championship dreams alive - taking top spot on the podium at round eight of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Raymond Terrace.

Moss was undoubtedly back to his old tricks in the Monster MX1 class, taking race wins in the first two motos and second place in the last, to wrap up his first overall win since round two of the series in Appin.

Go Pro Super Pole was taken out by CDR Yamaha’s 19 year old guest rider Jacob Wright in spectacular fashion. The Yamaha rider also managing to take second spot on the podium for the day with a second, seventh and a career first moto win, ahead of team mate Billy Mackenzie (third, second, eighth).                                   

KTM Motocross Race Team’s Kirk Gibbs took fourth for the round, ahead of DPH Motorsport privateer Kade Mosig who finished the day in fifth.

Moto one saw a battle for the holeshot between Mackenzie and Berry Sweet Husqvarna’s Brock Winston – Mackenzie managing to make the start stick and was the first bike through turn one.

However, Mackenzie’s lead was only short lived as Moss managed to get by him on lap two and snatch the race lead.

Wright also managed to apply the pressure on Mackenzie, and impress new team manager Craig Dack - successfully passing his teammate on lap eight and launching Wright into second position behind Moss.

NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Jake Moss went down on lap nine, pulling into the mechanics area and unable to return to racing in moto one.

In the final stages of the opening moto it was Matt Moss, from Wright, Mackenzie, Gibbs and Mosig in fifth - all within striking distance of each other and racing to the chequered flag.

When the flag flew on moto one, Moss crossed the line first collecting maximum points, and further extending his championship lead. Wright and Mackenzie crossed the line in second and third, while Gibbs and Mosig took fourth and fifth respectively.

In moto two, first out of the gate was race one winner Matt Moss followed by brother Jake Moss and CDR’s Jacob Wright.

It was a move out of spectator vision that saw Mackenzie come from nowhere to take the race lead from Moss directly after turn one, which he would then hold for the majority of the moto.

Wright, was unable to hold his third position – after making a mistake on lap three that forced him back into seventh - a mistake that would not see him gain another place for the remainder of the moto.

While Mosig again showed his dominating form, passing (Jake) Moss who had moved into the gap left by Wright – (Mosig) settling into third position by lap three.

However the battle between Mosig and (Jake) Moss was not over. The fight for positions would continue for another fifteen minutes before the two would cement their final placings.

NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Monea managed to find his form in the latter stages of the second moto; coming from fifth to pass Mosig and team mate Jake Moss before moving into third position on lap nine.

But yet again, crowds saw Matt Moss get by the Yamaha machine of Mackenzie – this time with only two laps of the moto remaining, making any late charge from the Scotsman close to impossible.

At the conclusion of moto two, Suzuki’s Moss took his second race win for the day ahead of Mackenzie, who finished in second place followed by Monea taking third.

After a long battle to the finish, Mosig managed to take an impressive fourth ahead of Jake Moss who crossed the line in fifth.

The third moto of the day was where a fairytale came to life. Wright took a huge hole shot which kick-started him to his first ever MX1 race win.

Wright was followed by Raceline Pirelli Suzuki fill in Hayden Mellross, whose inexperience at the front of the pack would see him fade from second to seventh throughout the moto.

Gibbs, who had a less than satisfying opening two motos, managed to make the pass on Mellross and slot into second position on just lap two – setting himself up for his most impressive ride of the day.

Mackenzie, who had been sitting in third, stalled the bike in the last corner before the finish, which saw eight riders get by him. Leaving him in 11th position, and fighting to make up time before the 20-minute moto was over.

At the halfway point in moto three, Wright’s lead had increased to close to four seconds over Gibbs, Matt Moss, Jake Moss, and DPH’s Mosig rounding out the top five.

A mistake on the final lap meant Gibbs dropped back from second to fourth, removing all pressure from race leader Wright.

Wright comfortably maintained his lead all the way until the end. Flying across the finish line with both hands punching the air, and a smile that was visible even under his helmet.

Suzuki’s Moss finished the moto in second position, which secured his round eight overall win ahead of brother Jake who took out third.

Gibbs crossed the line to come home in fourth ahead of Mosig in fifth.

With results at Raymond Terrace swinging heavily in Matt Moss’s favour, the reigning champ extended his lead to a comfortable 40 points ahead of Gibbs, and 82 points ahead of Mackenzie with two rounds of the championship remaining.

The series now heads to Gladstone in Queensland for round nine, which takes place on 24 August.

MX1 Superpole:

1) Jacob Wright - 1:57.109 (5 points)
2) Billy Mackenzie – 1:57.183 (4 points)
3) Jake Moss – 1:57.857 (3 points)
4) Kade Mosig – 1:57.940 (2 points)
5) Matt Moss – 1:59.348 (1 point)

Round Results:

1) Matt Moss 102(35,35,32)
2) Jacob Wright 91(32, 24, 35)
3) Billy Mackenzie 85 (30, 32, 23)
4) Kirk Gibbs 81(28, 25, 28)
5) Kade Mosig 80 (26, 28, 26)
6) Adam Monea 77 (22, 30, 25)
7) Hayden Mellross 69
(25, 20, 24)
8) Sam Martin 66 (21, 23, 22)
9) Jesse Dobson 65 (23, 22, 20)
10) Joel Milesevic 62 (20, 21, 21)

Overall Championship Standings:

1) Matt Moss 653
2) Kirk Gibbs 613
3) Billy Mackenzie 571
4) Adam Monea 552
5) Jake Moss 479
6) Kade Mosig 468
7) Jacob Wright 460
8) Hayden Mellross 426
Sam Martin 391
10) Brock Winston 375

MX2:  Arbon continues dominating form at Raymond Terrace

SD3 Husqvarna’s Luke Arbon has continued his dominating form this weekend, taking the overall win in the Motul MX2 class at round eight of the 2014 Monster Energy MX Nationals at Raymond Terrace.

Privateer Arbon collected a ninth, first and second to wrap up his second MX2 overall win for the 2014 season, and holds his position of third overall in the MX2 Championship.

Fellow privateer, Tune Tech KTM’s Kale Makeham had a breakthrough round finishing second, fourth and fourth to land him second spot on the podium for the day, while Serco Yamaha’s Jay Wilson, took third overall for round eight (seventh, second, third).

Red plate holder Luke Clout (Serco Yamaha) took fourth place overall, after a tough day with mechanical issues, while (CMR KTM Redbull Motorex) Hamish Harwood finished in fifth.

Moto one saw the SD3 Husqvarna two-stroke of Arbon take the holeshot on a two-stroke suited start straight and move into a comfortable lead.

Behind Arbon was New Zealand’s Hamish Dobbyn, who had been absent from the MX Nationals since Wonthaggi, followed by Makeham and fellow KTM rider Luke Reardon.

By lap two, NZ star Dobbyn, confidently made the pass on Arbon and moved into the race lead, surprising onlookers with his confident form.

Following Arbon, and desperate to increase his championship lead was Yamaha backed Clout, while Reardon who was sitting in sixth position, was handed a 10- second penalty for cutting the track which saw him relegated to ninth, all in a matter of two laps.

By lap four, race leader Dobbyn was already into lapped riders, while Clout put in two fast laps which saw him hot on the tail of Arbon and pushing hard for second position.

Privateer Makeham managed to make the pass on Penrite Oil Honda’s, Josh Cachia by lap five, and move into a comfortable fourth position behind Clout in third.

By lap six, Clout managed to blow past Arbon and move into a commanding second position, all the while searching for race leader Dobbyn.

With the final stages of the moto approaching, Clout accelerated to the rear of Dobbyn, however ignition issues saw the red-plate holder shaking his head over the finish line as the last-lap board was thrown in front of him.

With one lap to go, Dobbyn continued on with his lead, while Makeham managed to get around Clout who was visibly having bike issues and consequently fading dramatically.

Arbon, who was passed by Makeham on lap nine, made contact with a lapped rider which saw him and his bike go down, and incidentally saw him drop from fourth to ninth position.

After months away from the national circuit, KTM supported Dobbyn put in an astounding performance, taking his first race win for 2014, followed by Makeham in second, Clout taking third, and Cachia and Harwood finshing moto one in fourth and fifth respectively.

In the second moto of the day, it was the Husqvarna machine of Arbon, who again launched off the start gate and grabbed the holeshot ahead of Wilson, and Instant Security KTM’s Brenden Harrison.

The first turn proved nasty for some - Cachia who took fourth in moto one, connected with two other riders which saw him attended by Racesafe and unable to finish the moto.

After missing the first turn pile up, Arbon again took a commanding lead and by lap two was sitting comfortably ahead of Wilson, Harrison, Dobbyn, Luke Reardon and Clout.

A 10-second penalty for cutting the track was handed to round seven winner Caleb Ward, which saw his position drop dramatically and out of winning contention.

By lap three Wilson had managed to make his way to Arbon’s rear tyre and was pushing to take the lead from him, while teammate Clout managed to get by Reardon, to make his way up to fifth after a tough start.

Makeham, who also successfully made the pass on Reardon, had just started to put the pressure on Clout for fifth, when bike issues began to affect the MX2 red plate holder once again.

With unresolved mechanical issues, Clout’s frustration was evident – Makeham managing to get by the series leader and move into fifth.

At the halfway mark, race leader Arbon continued to hold off Wilson who was beginning to come under pressure from Harrison in the fight for second place.

By lap seven, Clout’s bike was again failing him, dropping another two positions into seventh and visibly lacking power.

When the chequered flag flew, Arbon took a dominating race win, ahead of Wilson in second, Harrisonin third, followed by Makeham and Dobbyn who concluded the moto in fourth and fifth respectively.

Clout managed to salvage a mere 11th place finish in race two, which saw him desperately clutching at his championship with only one moto to go at Raymond Terrace.

It was the final moto of the day, where Clout managed to kick out the mechanical problems and stamp his authority on the Motul MX2 Class championship.

After the holeshot went to privateer Errol Willis, Clout looked to move into the lead early, applying the pressure on Willis and staying within a bike length of him after lap one.

By lap two, Clout passed Willis and moved into the lead, followed by Arbon, with Wilson sitting in fourth.

For moto one winner Dobbyn, the third race of the day proved the toughest, pulling into the mechanics area and forced to DNF after coming off just two laps in.

By the half way mark, Clout had extended his lead on Arbon and had set himself up for redemption. Wilson too had managed to get by Willis and sat in third position with 10 minutes remaining.

With most riders settling into their individual races, there was little change in the order of riders from the halfway mark, to the last lap board.

Coming into the last turn, Clout began to celebrate - knowing all too well his championship and red plate were safe with a race win under the belt.

For privateer Arbon, race three saw him get the job done, take a comfortable second position and was handed top spot on the podium for round eight.

A late charge from Makeham meant Wilson had to fight for his position all the way to the chequered flag, but held onto third long enough to cross the line and secure his spot on the podium.

In the outright championship standings, despite the terrible start to his day, Clout managed to extend his lead to 28 points, with Harwood remaining in second, and Arbon a further 11 points behind.

Round Results:

1) Luke Arbon 89 (22,35,32)
2) Kale Makeham 88 (32, 28, 28)
3) Jay Wilson 86 (24, 32, 30)
4) Luke Clout 85 (30, 20, 35)
5) Hamish Harwood 73 (26, 25, 22)
6) Blake Lilly 71 (23, 24, 24)
7) Riley Graham 67 (19, 23, 25)
8) Brenden Harrison 65 (25, 30, 10)
9) Hamish Dobbyn 61 (35,26, DNF)
10) Luke Reardon 56 (18, 19, 19)

Championship Standings:

1) Luke Clout 548
2) Hamish Harwood 520
3) Luke Arbon 509
4) Kale Makeham 485
5) Jay Wilson 478
6) Brenden Harrison 464
7) Caleb Ward 441
8) Kayne Lamont 395
9) Errol Willis 372
10) Riley Graham 281

Copy: Andrew Weiss of Eskimo Media Group. Photos - Jeff Crow/Explorer Media