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2014 NZ MX Championship Overalls

Cody Cooper.   Photo: Nikita Gillard Photography

MX1 #1 Cody Cooper (The Honda Shop Race Team) sealed the premier class title for the second year in a row, taking the series overall and round, finishing 1-1-3 for the day.

Bel Ray Pro Rider Suzuki's Brad Groombridge was 2nd on the day and Altherm JCR Yamaha Billy MacKenzie took 3rd.  In the overall Championship results it was Mackenzie 2nd and Groombridge 3rd.

Cody said: "The four round series was awesome for me and my team The Honda Shop Race Team.  I’m really happy to have won 9 out of 12 races and win all 4 rounds and to feel this good heading into Australia’s Nationals this coming weekend."

With Australia’s Opening Round March 30th, Cody’s focus is on point. "I will head into Australia’s first Round as if it was the fifth round of the NZ MX Championships - good starts and focus on me and only me. Having Ben Townley there helping will be like having a knife at a boxing fight, he knows his stuff."

Australia’s KTM Kirk Gibbs had mixed fortunes across four rounds but finished 5th overall.  He chipped the knuckle bone on his little finger when he collided with a post and withdrew from any more racing at Taupo.

Kirk puts it in perspective: "The most challenging thing for me was getting back to race pace, being behind the gate and getting my confidence back. The boys in NZ start early and race well over here so for us to go over and run with them means we are riding well. I think getting that race experience before our opening round is definitely going to pay off. I feel great on the bike and am feeling really confident."

Kirk Gibbs. Photo: Nikita Gillard Photography

MX2 points leader Kayne Lamont (Red Bull Husqvarna) was equally impressive in taking the overall 250cc class in front of  Hamish Dobbyn (CMR Red Bull KTM) and Australian Jay Wilson (Altherm JCR Yamaha) rounding off the top three. Lamont somehow managed to race, having an Appendix operation Thursday night, showing great strength and courage. He will be a force to be reckoned with in Australia’s MX Nationals this weekend.

Kayne: "To be honest I was not sure if I was going to race until after practice to see how the body handled it. I managed to qualify 2nd and came in early. I really wanted this title as I had worked very hard with Husqvarna Red Bull WIL Sport Team and wanted to repay them and my sponsors who have supported me.  I head into Australia’s 10 round series as a real contender. I need to be consistent, no silly fall-offs and finish every race."

Australia’s Jay Wilson placed 3rd overall is pleased with his performance and now sets his sights on Broadford next Sunday.

Jay: ‘I’m really looking forward to next weekend, I have a goal on where I’d like to be but I have to remember not to get too excited and just ride how I know. It’s a long Championship and you can’t win it in the first round but you can lose it’.

Taking the last MX2 moto win for the day, Bel Ray Moto-City Suzuki's Rhys Carter will step up and race Australia’s 450 class under Motul Pirelli Suzuki next weekend.

Rhys: "It’s an amazing opportunity, as they are a championship contender with Matt Moss. It’s the perfect step for me to start my rookie year on the 450."

National 125 Class overall was CMR Red Bull KTM's Josiah Natzke with team mate Hadleigh Knight taking 2nd and Altherm JCR Yamaha Logan Blackburn 3rd.

Words: Sharon Cox  Photos: Nikita Gillard Photography 2014