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Jeffrey Herlings - record breaker

The next couple of months might see something special happen in the FIM MX2 World Championship as young Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings continues to climb up the list of all-time GP winners.

Already this year with two GP wins in Qatar and Thailand (taking him to 33 GP wins) he has passed the legendary Finnish rider Heikki Mikkola (who has 32 GP wins), and up ahead of him are more legends in waiting.

It is more than likely that he will end up fifth in the all-time list at the end of the 2014 season, possibly just a couple of GP wins behind long time record holder Joel Robert (50 GP wins), who holds fourth place in the list.

At present though just ahead of him are Roger De Coster (Belgium) with 36 wins, Torsten Hallman (Sweden) with 37 wins, Mickael Pichon (France) with 38 wins and Eric Geboers (Belgium) with 39 wins.

He should without too much problem pass these guys within the next two months (Brazil, Italy, Bulgaria, Holland, Spain and Great Britain in this period). Of course, to join Geboers the Dutchman needs to win all six GPs, which is more likely than not.

Once past Geboers only Joel Robert (50 wins), Joel Smets (57 wins), Antonio Cairoli (64 wins) and Stefan Everts (101 wins) stand in his way.

A move to the MXGP class in 2015 will slow his progress, but anything is possible with this amazing talent. Everts and Cairoli will be hard to catch, but you can count on the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider focusing on this record, because just like his mentor Stefan Everts records mean a lot to him.

All time GP winners

  1. Stefan Everts 101
  2. Antonio Cairoli 64
  3. Joel Smets 57
  4. Joel Robert 50
  5. Eric Geboers 39
  6. Mickael Pichon 38
  7. Torsten Hallman 37
  8. Roger De Coster 36
  9. Jeffrey Herlings 33
  10. Heikki Mikkola 32
  11. Gaston Rahier 30
  12. Georges Jobe 28
  13. Andre Malherbe 28
  14. Paul Friedrichs 28
  15. Dave Strijbos 27
  16. Alessio Chiodi 26
  17. Jeff Smith 25
  18. Harry Everts 23
  19. Dave Thorpe 22
  20. Alex Puzar 22