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Successful comeback for Arnaud Tonus

 Successful comeback for Arnaud Tonus Last season was terrible for Arnaud Tonus, who spent most of the year far from motocross tracks due to his broken leg.

Just coming back racing for the last two GP’s of the series, the likeable Swiss rider had to take more rest in September to recover and enjoyed being back this weekend in Sardinia behind a gate.

"We spent three weeks with the team in Sardinia to train and test, and finally I decided to race the opening round of the Italian series. It was a late decision, so I stay there just with my dad who was my mechanic for the weekend.

"It was cool to be there together, and this race was a good opportunity to see how was my level; I had a lot of time to get ready, and even if this race is early in the season I’m happy why my results.

"Physically I had a good feeling, and I enjoyed both races in Riola Sardo; in the MX2 race we had a nice fight with Christophe Charlier, and it was such a good feeling to win it! Then in the super final the 450 were of course in front at the start, but I could manage to come back sixth; the track was sandy but not as much as Lierop can be, and the layout was more technical so we could get some decent result with the 250” explained Arnaud who came there relax.

Frustrated as he entered only two races last season, he is for sure hungry and being back on his CLS Kawasaki was the best treatment for him.

"I was back on the bike in November, and except during Christmas I never stopped riding, so happy to be back riding! For sure it was not easy to recover after these injuries, but thanks to the team and to Jean Jacques Luisetti who was always supporting me I could do it. We worked a lot on the psychological aspect, as the past fifteen months have been pretty difficult for me. I know that my main enemy is myself; if I ride at my best I know that I can get very good results, even if the level seems more homogeneous this year in the MX2 class. You know, being far from the tracks gives you more motivation, especially when you have to postpone several times your comeback.”

Moving this week to the Netherlands to finalise the testing near the team’s workshop, Arnaud will enter in two weeks the third and last round of the Italian series to finalize his preparation for the GP’s.