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3 Legends talk Motocross

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With the 2013 season now long gone and riders preparing for the 2014 season we thought it might be a good idea to talk to three former World Motocross Champions, Stefan Everts, James Dobb and Harry Everts, and ask their opinion on how the MXGP series has been looked in 2013 and in the future.

Stefan Everts 10 times World Motocross Champion:

There were many good races in the 2013 season, new circuits and some
old ones. I think it was clear Antonio (Cairoli) and Jeffrey (Herlings) were the best of their classes and we were really excited to have them in our team. As for 2014, it is a big calendar of course for 2014. I think the first two are not the toughest ones. Coming back and then going to Brazil is intense. You have to think about many things to make a calendar that is as big as the 2014 calendar
is and I know Giuseppe mentioned in Geneva it is hard to bring the calendar together, and every GP organizer has their own weekend they would like to run their event. It isn’t easy making a GP calendar with so many countries.

James Dobb 2001 World 125cc champion:

I think the 2013 season was good. I mean, I am all for going to different countries. It is a World Championship and we need to try and find new sponsors and as such and then we have to go to different countries this will take us to different areas and different continents and it will help the sport grow. I think those first two races (Qatar and Thailand) were great and going to those new countries was impressive. As much as I used to race, I am a huge fan of the sport. When I did Grand Prix’s it wasn’t any different, we went to more overseas races then, like Australia, America, Japan, South America twice a year, so there were more then. Of course it wasn’t as big an investment for the teams back then, we didn’t take as much stuff to those overseas races.

Harry Everts 4-times World Motocross Champion:

I think it was a good season for the racing. In France (Ernée) and Italy (Maggiora), those GPs were soo nice and I was so happy to see Motocross. Maggiora was a great Grand Prix, really big crowd and good racing. I think there was some good racing this year in many races, we saw a lot of good performances from riders, also in MX2. Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli are so strong, too strong for the others, but behind them it is always good racing like the MX2 in England with Coldenhoff I was very happy for him when I saw him winning, he is a good young rider. Next year we have to see, it is always exciting to have a new season, with new circuits and I look forward to going to the races again in 2014.