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Livia Lancelot - Rider and Manager in 2014

The 2008 World Champion will have a double job in 2014, as she will be a Kawasaki rider and also a team owner.

Livia, what is your physical situation at the moment?

I was back on a bike one month ago, as I want to be ready for Le Touquet, the famous beach race at mid February. I’m training with a 450 Kawasaki as I love to ride this bike in the sand; after my injury it’s not so easy, but I work hard and spend many hours on the bike to be back at my best level.

You broke your knee during the French series, how is it now?

I rode carefully when I was back on the bike, as you’re always a little scare when you come back from an injury. But now it’s OK; I recovered my muscles, I’m nearly back at 100% but I still need to ride to be fully ready.

Your season will start at Le Touquet?

Yes, this race is one of my goals, and I want to do better than in 2013 (Livia finished 46th overall). I’m already working for this race but I’ve no stress, as I know that it’s an early race and the season will be long. I enjoyed so much riding a 450 Kawasaki on a beach; I’m happy to do this race as for me it’s fun to ride and for my sponsors it’s a huge event as there’s a lot of media coverage. I will do one race before going to le Touquet, in Hossegor (another beach race) at mid January.

You have now your own sponsors, and you will ride in your own team, team 114?

That’s one of the novelties; I will do the season in my own team with my own partners, including of course Kawasaki. I had this idea since a few years; I created this team three years ago, but until now I was involved in another team. It was time to do it, that’s also a great opportunity for my future even if nothing is easy at the moment. I have several jobs, not only training and riding, but I like this!

You will have two other girls in your team?

Yes, I will be working with two young girls. Gloria Jacquemard did a few GP’s and got some top five finishes in the French Women series, she will do all the GP’s on a 125 Kawasaki. We expect some podiums in France, for the GP’s we’ll see. The second rider is Julie Sempé, she never raced at the moment; I met here last year during a training camp and she impressed me, she has a very strong mind.

The great news is that you will be back in the Women World Championship?

That’s right. I’ve some strong partners behind me and thanks to them I will be able to race all the GP’s, including of course Qatar in March. My goal is to get the title, I know that since my title (2008) many girls have improved their riding, they didn’t wait for me! I had other goals, did other events, and also learnt a lot. The last times I came to the GP’s my results were pretty good, with some wins in 2012 or this year at the Women Motocross of Nations. I’m confident, I know that I lost time with my knee injury, but I’m working hard and will recover.

It’s great to see the Women World Championship back with the MX2 and MXGP classes; for sure it will be a better series than in the past?

I think that the level was not the best, since the Women move with the MX3 and lost some media coverage. I’m sure that the top girls are as fast or faster than before, but the level doesn’t’ seem so homogenous. I’m sure that it will change, more girls will come to the GP’s with the new schedule.

The X Games was at your program in 2012 and 2013, will you go there again?

It could be difficult, as we have one GP the week before the X Games and one French series the week after. I don’t know if I will be able to go there, but for sure I want to get a gold medal there, in 2014 or later.

This year you stopped your season after an injury in the French series, you will again do this championship next season?

For sure I stopped my season there, when another girl hit my knee at a start. I missed the X Games, some GP’s and the end of the French series. But to be in good shape for the GP’s you need to race, you need to be behind a starting gate, you need to fight with other riders. In France we are lucky to have a dedicate series for the girls, and I have to go there and promote our sport, for me and for my young team mates.