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Enslow's Garage Music Video Episode 6

Sethro has a broken foot from Casey Case at Ocotillo Wells while jumping his dirt bike and still manages to check out Butch's Unknown Friends and Family Bar B-Que with Lofty, Rogie, Mick Aplin and Pirate Dan at Pala Casino. Featuring SKB Pro Rider Greg Lutzka and FMX Pro Riders Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg and Josh Hansen signing autographs while the Unknown Riders bust out some gnarly wheelies and burnouts on Baggers .... Afterwards, the crew heads to Lake Elsinore to meet up with Mike Metzger and Austen Seaholm... Happy Thanksgiving Dinner... Good times at Enslow's Garage... come ride with us! Thanks for sharing and subscribing.... Ridaz Gotta Ride!