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Chris Birch finishes second overall in Roof of Africa

Jarvis was the master of the wet and slippery conditions, especially on the final day of competition.

The event kicked off as usual with the Round the Houses and time trial on Thursday and was followed by two testing days in the mountains, the traditionally challenging terrain of this Hard Enduro classic made even more difficult by the cold and wet conditions.

Friday proved a tough one with Birch finishing on top but he, Jarvis, Blake Gudzeit and Altus De Wet all incurred a three minute penalty overnight for missing one of the check points. It was also a bad day for KTM rider Wade Young, who in 2012 became the youngest winner of this event. He had technical difficulties and had to pull out of Day Two.

Birch and Jarvis went into the final day with a significant lead but the weather was, torrential drought breaking rain made it so hard going that race officials eliminated the first major pass of the day. Birth and Jarvis arrived at the second pass, Mokopu Pass together but by the summit Birch had slipped 25 minutes behind Jarvis.  By the time they had reached the final ascent Jarvis had extended his lead by 50 minutes as he continued to master the slippery slopes. Birch went on to finish fourth on the final day.

It was also a good event for KTM’s Roof of Africa rookie, Austrian Lars Enoeckl who battled his way to a creditable overall twelfth. Only 24 riders in the Glod Class finished the race thus assuring its reputation of being the "Mother of All Hard Enduros” remained intact.

Pics and reporting:

Roof of Africa Hard Enduro
Overall Results after three day event: Gold Class

1, Graham Jarvis, UK, Husqvarna 13:56:00 (2-2-1)

2, Chris Birch, New Zealand, KTM 14:54:55 (4-1-4)
3, Scott Bouverie, South Africa KTM 15:32:49

4, Blake Gutzeit, South Africa, Sherco 15:38:34

5, Ben Hemingway, UK, BETA 15:57:54

6, Kenny Gilbert, Yamaha 16:22:37

7, Altus De Wet, South Africa Husqvarna 16:43:54

8, James Hodson, South Africa, Yamaha 16:56:42

9, Dan Hemingway, UK, BETA 17:09:39

10, Bronson Louw Yamaha 17:24:33

11, Brett Swanepoel, KTM 17:44:22

12, Lars Enöckl, Austria KTM 17:52:06