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Catch up ... with Nikki Scott

Photo credits: Rene and Brentmxpics

Nikki is a very talented motocrosser and in 2011 rode in the Women's World Championship for DIGA Racing but pulled out late in the season because of funding and a need to be home in New Zealand with her Dad who was very ill.

There were 7 Rounds in that Women's Championship last year and Nikki Scott rode 5 of them.  10 Motos with a mix of 6th to 10th placings but 3 of those motos resulted in zero points earned.  Nikki still finished 17th in the Championship.   When she went back to Europe she tested with VDLaar Racing, a Yamaha team based in Holland that builds YZ144s and races the Dutch Championship.  Problem is there is no longer any money in it in Europe and 'factory' rides are hard to come by as are financial backers. 

Nikki's Facebook profile lists her a Owner/Photographer at Nikki Leigh Photography, Journalist at Youthstream and Jedi Knight at 

Alan H. catches up with Nikki.

Q: I see action pics up on Facebook. Are you back racing or just having fun?

A: Here's the story. I completely stopped riding in 2012 to join the 'real world' at work.  After working for six months, my boyfriend Dieter ("Dee-Ter" - like Peter but with a "D") and I put our money together to buy a CRF250.

In the off-season from the GP's, I work full time at an online motocross store and they helped me out with some gear and things.

Then without any practice at all, I lined up at a race on the first weekend of October. After two laps I had the worst arm pump I have ever had in my life, but still won the race. I won again in the second race.

The Monday after I joined the gym, had a fitness test and I'm starting to build up my base.

2 weeks later I was back on the line where I won both races again.

Last weekend was the last round of the "Autumn Championship" that the Belgian Federation holds at the end of the year. The first race I set a laptime almost 5 seconds faster than anyone else, but some how I ran over a piece of long rope that wrapped around my wheel, causing me to sit on the side of the track for two laps trying to get it out. I won the second race.

Anyway, I am the Autum Dame's A Champion. I've already got back the bug of wanting to race again, but in reality racing will never pay the bills, so I will probably work again next year. At least both my jobs with Youthstream and Gear2win, I love to do.

Time will tell if I line-up for a full season next year.