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Yamaha Racing confident ahead of Dunedin SuperX

Copy and photos courtesy of Yamaha Motor Australia. 


Double Header Class: Open and LitesOpen riders will compete in 2 x 8 lap heats and Lites in 2 x 6 lap heats. Positions 1 to 9 will progress direct to the final. The final will consist of 2 x 12 lap races in the Open class and 2 x 10 lap races in Lites, with points awarded for each race and accumulated to find a winner.




After a string of top five results, CDR spearhead Jay Marmont broke through for his first podium of the season. The three time motocross champ finished the night at Auckland in second place and moved into second overall in the championship standings with three rounds remaining.

Marmont expects the Auckland round to be the turning point in his championship, especially after winning the final moto of the night in North Harbour Stadium. Jay is looking for a big finish in the championship with only Sydney and Brisbane to follow the Dunedin event. 

"I feel I have been building for a while and a few more pieces came together at Auckland. I was able to get good starts and combine that with decent track speed and that gave me my best finish so far. If I can continue to improve again this week as I have done over the previous rounds then I should be right in contention,” Marmont explains. 

Joining Marmont will again be Jeff Alessi from the USA. Alessi was in sensational form throughout the practice and qualifying sessions in Auckland only to face bad luck in the main events. Alessi showed he has the speed and skill to match anyone in the Pro Open class and with a little bit of luck can challenge for a podium spot.


CDR spearhead Jay Marmont 



The one man band of Ford Dale was in great shape at the Auckland round being the fastest qualifier in the Pro Lites class and finishing 5-1 in the first two main events of the Triple Challenge. Only a flat tyre caused by a screw on the track derailed Dale’s hopes of a podium but that has only fired the Sunshine Coast based rider up and he has his sights set on a podium finish.
"I felt great last week but just couldn’t get it done in the final race due to the flat tyre. It is rare to get a flat in Super X, but that’s the way it goes so this weekend I’m out to finish the job properly and get my Serco Yamaha on the box.”

                                                                                                                                  Ford Dale





Luke Styke road the rollercoaster of emotion all the way to a third place in the Pro Lites at the Auckland round. With the injury to his team mate Harley Quinlan fresh in his mind, Styke pulled down his best result of the year and dedicated to Quinlan. The result was just the confidence booster Styke needed and this weekend is out to prove the Auckland result was no fluke.

"I have had a pretty good week this week with my training. I was able to get in a couple of rides, hit the gym and the pool and I feel fresh and ready to go. I can’t wait to get racing again,” Styke offers enthusiastically. 

Luke Styke

Round Five of the Super X Championship hits Carisbrook Stadium in Dunedin with racing getting under way at 6.30pm, local time.

Series Standings - after Round Four

Pro Opens
1st Josh Hansen       -225
2nd Jay Marmont     - 193
3rd Jake Moss         - 152
4th Tye Simmonds  – 149
5th Daniel Reardon  – 138
6th Todd Waters      – 128
7th Daniel McCoy    – 127
8th Justin Brayton   – 121
9th Lewis Woods     – 107
10th Mike Alessi      - 107

Pro Lites
1st PJ Larsen         – 210
2nd Matt Moss        – 201
3rd Ryan Marmont   – 176
4th Cody Mackie     – 136
5th Lawson Bopping – 130
6th Steven Clarke    – 111
7th Josh Cachia       – 110
8th Ford Dale           – 105
9th Luke Styke         – 103
10th Robbie Marshall - 102