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10 questions to Kiara Fontanesi answered

Fan: Itziar Polo Martinez
Question: What was your feeling when winning the second championship?

Kiara: "Winning a moto, GP, or a championship is always a big emotion. Every victory is the result of hard work behind the scenes. Winning the world championship again was something really special, even more special than the first one!”

Fan: Alejandro Beltran
Question: this victory is probably one of the most heartfelt for you so to whom is it dedicated?

Kiara: "Normally it has to be dedicated to only one person but as a world championship is something big I dedicated it to a lot of people: my family, my mechanics, my trainer, my special friends, supporters and all the people at home which couldn’t be there at the last round. I also have to say a big thanks to everyone who follows me.”

Fan: Simon Roberts
Question: When you've finished winning in Motocross, will we see you road racing? It would be cool to have a female MotoGP champion!

Kiara: "I’ve never tried a road bike but I’m going to this month. I will try a Yamaha R6 and I think it is going to be funny! When I stop racing I want to do something which doesn’t take me so far away from home and something more relaxing…”

Fan: Frank Ros:
Question: The number of female MX riders is limited. How and when did you start riding MX?

Kiara: "I was only two and a half years old when my parents bought me a pw50 Yamaha and it just happened naturally. My brother Luca was already an MX rider when I was born so I was riding in the paddock while he was racing. Then step by step and years by years I have become two times a world champion! If I look back I would never have thought I could do this!”

Fan: Pam Rogers
Question: Do you think women will ever be totally accepted in what is a predominantly male sport?

Kiara: "I know many male professional riders and they totally respect professional MX girls!! MX isn’t a sport only for men!”

Fan: Oliver Pumfrey
Question: When are you going to become the first women to take on the men in MXGP racing for a whole season, love to see you race and show them your ability?

Kiara: "I would like to compete a round in the MX2 class and that’s maybe something I will do soon!”

Fan: Trond Stubergh
Question: How can you get more women in to this sport?

Kiara: "That’s difficult to say because people see MX as a male sport and to be an MX girl or an MX boy as well you must have a different mentality then a normal person…should I say, the MX world is for ‘not normal people’ in my opinion!”

Fan: Robert Haworth
Question: Congratulations on your latest World Title ! Can I ask how many hours per month you spend on physical training and practicing riding skills /endurance?

Kiara: "Thanks a lot! My training depends on when I have races, and if I’m home or away for training in other countries. It’s difficult to say how many hours I train but for sure I train at least five or six times a week. When I’m not riding I do physical training for strength and fitness.”

Fan: Huan Tan
Question: Take us through your preparation for a big race from the day beforehand. How you focus mentally, what kind of physical preparation do you do and what kind of diet you eat before race day?

Kiara: "I don’t train so much in the week if that weekend I have an important race. I don’t follow a special diet before the race because now I’ve learnt what my body needs to get in to be fit. I always eat meat and vegetables and not so much pasta.”

Fan: Mirjam Veerhuis
Question: Do you look forward to next season and race the brand new YZ250F and what is your opinion of the bike?

Kiara: "I do race again with Yamaha next year and I’m happy about this. I began with a Yamaha pw 50, my first bike ever and I got to ride in the world championship with a 125cc Yamaha two-stroke. I won the world championship with a Yamaha 250 so I’m really happy to continue with them and I hope to keep riding with Yamaha for my career.”

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