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NZ Team at MXoN - Saturday

Cody Cooper:   Last of the three Qualifying sessions and he rode to 10th place.

Yellow arrow marks Cody who had 29th team's gate pick. Photo credit: Jeffrey Beerdsen for VitalMX

Cody Cooper was 10th in the Open Class results, and Team New Zealand was 13th overall. Credit: Jeffrey Beerdsen for VitalMX.

Rhys Carter
:  12th overall in the world on a 450 - damned fine effort.

#43 Rhys Carter had a good start. Nicely positioned just past the holeshot.

Nice one Rhys Carter.

Kayne Lamont:  Sorry, no action pics of Kayne who finished well in 19th after not such a great start out of Gate #29.

Kayne Lamont, meets Ken Roczen - now this is definitely a keeper !

Josh Coppins
:  13th out of 41 countries. A pleasing result for the new Team Manager but as he said "it's about the racing on Sunday, not the Qualifying."

Closing comment:  Awesome that the Aussies Qualified #1. Brett Metcalfe 1st in MX1 and it looked like Dungey gave up on him in that last lap. Dean Ferris 2nd to Germany's Ken Roczen in MX2. Todd Waters was 4th in the Open but they didn't even need his 4 points as the 1 & 2 points meant they out-qualified USA (2-2) by 1 point.  All that without Chad Reed !!

How packed will it be tomorrow?  Photo courtesy of Simon Cudby for Racer X Illustrated