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Two Dutchmen in Lierop

                                                      Glen Coldenhoff at the Brish GP.  Image - Ray Archer

Veteran Marc De Reuver and youngster Glenn Coldenhoff have a lot in common, and the two will enter this weekend race with the same goal and that is to perform at their best.One has a chance to turn back the clock, and the other will be thinking of continuing his run of recent success.

De Reuver who has great memories from Lierop, after battling Stefan Everts in the 2004 Motocross of Nations and also winning the Grand Prix in 2008 knows this circuits maybe better than anyone.

"Everyone knows I love the sand,” De Reuver said. "Lierop brings great memories for me, winning there was the highlight of my career. Also the support from the crowd makes it really special, the Dutch really come out and support their riders.”

Coldenhoff of the Standing Construct KTM team must be pretty excited entering this weekend Grand Prix of Benelux. Having won the Grand Prix of Great Britain a little over a week ago, the 23 year old knows his chances are good after leading a moto in 2012 and showing good form around the deep sand circuit.

"Last year was already amazing for me,” Coldenhoff said. "It was the first time I led a heat race, and from that moment I am crazy about the Dutch crowd and that place. I mean, now with these good results it will be even better for me. I think they will support me and I am thankful for that.”

Coldenhoff and De Reuver sometimes train together and when the younger Dutchman won in England 10 days ago he knew where to look for support when standing on the podium.

"I was on the podium in England, and I looked over and saw Marc De Reuver preparing his start gate for MX1 and he was so happy for me, that was really special, he knows that feeling of winning a Grand Prix.”

Of course once the Grand Prix of Benelux is over Coldenhoff will head to Germany for the 2013 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations. De Reuver, who has represented his team on many occasions, won’t be involved this year, however Coldenhoff is looking forward to the experience.

"I am excited for sure, I will race the MX2 class. We have had some bad luck at the moment with the team, Brakke got injured, and then Jeffrey. Marc is riding well, but whatever the Dutch federation decide which team will go, maybe they decide in Lierop. If I stay injury free I will ride the MX2 class and while the circuit isn’t one of my favorites, I will give it my all.”