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Moss, Styke and Harwood clinch 2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals titles

Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki’s Matt Moss wrapped up the 2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship, after finishing third overall during the weekend’s season finale in Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The 25-year-old added the MX1 crown to his 2009 and 2011 MX2 titles, winning the first 30-minute moto at Coolum before sealing the title with a calculated ninth in moto two.

Winner of Coolum was Motocross World Championship-bound Todd Waters (Motorex KTM), taking out the GoPro Super Pole and then racing to 3-1 results for the overall. Waters was gracious in defeat, finishing runner-up for the second season in a row with a 16-point deficit to Moss following a hard-fought season.

Rounding out the podium was CDR Yamaha’s Billy Mackenzie, racing to a pair of seconds during the motos. He led much of moto two, but a crash mid-moto forced him to settle for second. Mackenzie wrapped up third overall in the championship, with his lone victory of 2013 coming at Hervey Bay’s seventh round.

Moss’ teammate Cody Cooper put forward a consistent effort in fourth with a 5-3 scorecard, beating home Waters’ teammate Kirk Gibbs. Gibbs was eighth in moto one despite a heavy early fall, but rode to fourth in the second moto.

In the Motul MX2 ranks it was Luke Styke who again confirmed his form as Australian champion, the newly-crowned title winner going 1-1 for his ninth overall of the season.

Second overall was Sunshine Coast local Brock Winston (Choice Motorsports KTM) with 2-2 finishes, however he led much of the opening moto before Styke struck in the closing laps. That result cemented him third overall for the season, one of the year’s revelations in his full time return to the sport.

Completing Coolum’s MX2 podium was rookie wonder Kale Makeham (Tune Tech Racing KTM), making it six straight podiums to close the season on his way to runner-up in the title race behind Styke. Makeham rebounded from a frustrating fall in moto one to end up third, and he replicated that result in the second outing of the weekend.

Fourth for the round was Kiwi Rhys Carter (Suzuki) with fourth in both motos, while young Victorian Dylan Long (KTM) raced to fifth via 6-5 results.

CMR Red Bull KTM rider Hamish Harwood made it the second year in succession that a New Zealand rising star won the Pirelli MXD title, following in the footsteps of Kayne Lamont 12 months ago.

Harwood clinched the title with third in moto one aboard his 250 SX, before winning moto two in style to conclude his Under 19s campaign.

Winning overall at Coolum was series runner-up Jay Wilson (GYTR Yamaha), claiming the first moto victory before finishing behind Harwood in the second.

A new face stood upon the podium in MXD at Coolum, Caleb Ward (KTM), who made his return from injury at Toowoomba and then rode to third today with 2-3 performances.

Coolum’s KTM 2-Stroke Cup round was won by TM Racing Australia’s new signing Nick Sutherland, while former MXD title winner Errol Willis (Yamaha) wrapped up the title with second overall. Second in the series belonged to Tyson Cherry (Yamaha), with Ryan Perry (Yamaha) third.

In the Veterans 30-39 Years it was Cheyne Boyd (Berry Sweet/Lucas Oil Yamaha) who swept the round and took his maiden national title from Cameron Taylor (Yamaha) and Travis Regeling (Honda).

The Veterans 40 years title was captured by Mark Oberthur (Suzuki) ahead of Paul Novak (KTM) and Clint Andrewartha (Suzuki). Today’s round was topped by Oberthur over Novek and Mitch Rowe (KTM).

2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals, Australian Motocross Championship
Round 10 – Coolum, Queensland

Monster Energy MX1 results:
1. Todd Waters 70
2. Billy Mackenzie 67
3. Matt Moss 61
4. Cody Cooper 57
5. Kirk Gibbs 53
6. Gareth Swanepoel 53
7. Adam Monea 51
8. Jake Moss 48
9. Jay Marmont 45
10. Sam Martin 41

Monster Energy MX1 championship standings (after 10 of 10 rounds):
1. Matt Moss 643
2. Todd Waters 627
3. Billy Mackenzie 583
4. Cody Cooper 535
5. Kirk Gibbs 528
6. Jake Moss 492
7. Jay Marmont 428
8. Adam Monea 427
7. Lawson Bopping 407
10. Sam Martin 335

Motul MX2 results:
1. Luke Styke 70
2. Brock Winston 64
3. Kale Makeham 60
4. Rhys Carter 56
5. Dylan Long 51
6. Beau Ralston 51
7. Ryan Marmont 48
8. Kayne Lamont 45
9. Kieran Scheele 42
10. Peter Boyle 42

Motul MX2 championship standings (after 10 of 10 rounds):
1. Luke Styke 683
2. Kale Makeham 564
3. Brock Winston 536
4. Ryan Marmont 446
5. Dylan Long 440
6. Rhys Carter 407
7. Takeshi Katsuya 398
8. Kayne Lamont 392
9. Geran Stapleton 349
10. Wade Hunter 330

Pirelli MXD results:
1. Jay Wilson 67
2. Hamish Harwood 65
3. Caleb Ward 62
4. Kyle Webste 54
5. Joel Wightman 52
6. Jake Emanuelli 50
7. Corey James 47
8. Dakota Court 46
9. Tomas Ravenhorst 44
10. Dylan Wills 41

Pirelli MXD championship standings (after eight of eight rounds):
1. Hamish Harwood 504
2. Jay Wilson 453
3. Jack Simpson 400
4. Corey James 383
5. Joel Wightman 369
6. Jesse Dobson 353
7. Jake Emanuelli 329
8. Joel Dinsdale 325
9. Logan Blackburn 293
10. Dakota Court 269

Courtesy MX Nationals / WEM