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Antonio Cairoli interview

Antonio Cairoli - Ray Archer image

A true legend of the sport, closing in on the all time records of the great Stefan Everts and doing it in a fashion that continues to impress everyone involved in the sport.Cairoli won his seventh FIM World Motocross Championship last weekend, he did so with a moto win, then celebrated with his large group of friends, family, team-mates and anyone else who was willing to join him. For the friendly Italian it was about enjoying the moment and nobody can deny him his party at Matterley Basin.

Despite winning that World title Cairoli still looked at the loss of the Grand Prix. It was time to celebrate, but also time to remember how important a GP win is for him.

"I was disappointed,” Cairoli said, "because my speed and my condition was good. I am training really well at the moment and will push for those two last races. I celebrated a little bit too much, I revved the bike really hard after winning the title and my bike was going funny, it wasn’t right. I got a good start, but after a lap the problem came, I lost power and the bike stopped a few times. I crashed and started again, but the problem got worse. I came from 9th to 4th in two laps, but just before the big table jump I was full gas and the bike played up again. After that jump the problem got worse again, and it wasn’t possible to continue. After the title this happens, so that didn’t matter, but I wanted to win the Grand Prix.”

Despite having some disappointment with the loss of the GP, Cairoli also knows that the World title gave him more than enough to enjoy and he didn’t need to look around for friends to enjoy the moment with as he crossed the line and was crowned 2013 FIM World MX1 Champion. A huge mass of people circled the winner as he was raised into the air.

"It was really nice, the team always make something nice for me, and the season has been great. It was easier than I thought, because at the start of the season the racing was close and I thought it would be tougher. I was always on the podium and that was my strong point. Also the other riders made mistakes and that helped me.”

But now onto Holland and Germany where he will try and end his season with a Grand Prix victory and success at the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. Both events mean a lot to him, and both are places he has had victory in the past.

"I love sand, and in Lierop I got to win, for sure. I will have some little parties now, so I hope I can fit enough to win. For me every year feels different, I find a new motivation each year and for sure the first title is the most important. Since my mum passed away all the titles are dedicated to her. Of course the Motocross of Nations is important, I want to be 100% fit for that race and maybe Italy can get on the podium.”