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Rapid fire with the rubber kid

Would you rather crash your bike or get tackled by an All Blacks front rower?

LEVI SHERWOOD: Definitely crash. But then again I’ve never been tackled by an All Blacks player - yet.

RB: Who feeds the riders the best, the X Games or the Red Bull X-Fighters?

LS: I would say the X-Fighters. They feed us well and then I don’t have to go buy sushi from a restaurant.

RB: If you weren’t a pro freestyler, what would you most likely be?

LS: I would be an engineer; that’s what I left school to be, but I never quite got there.

RB: What was the last movie that you watched?

LS: Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.

RB: Who has the best freestyle compound in the world?

LS: Metal Mulisha’s Jimmy Fitzpatrick’s place (in Temecula, California) is awesome. He has a bit of everything, but also the bigger jumps that he has are fun and easy to do without hanging it out in danger land.

RB: You get to meet Megan Fox. What T-shirt do you wear?

LS: My Crazy Horses shirt (laughs)! It’s a small gang from a New Zealand-made film called Boy.

RB: What rider scares you when he is on course?

LS: Tom Pages. He’s always going for it. You know that he’s going to do it, but there’s always that bit of uncertainty hovering about.

RB: You’re in your shed alone working on your dirt bike. A burglar breaks in. What do you grab to hit him with?

LS: I have this huge over-sized crescent wrench hanging on my wall that I bought for a joke one day. I’m swinging that for sure!

RB: What pizza topping would you never eat?

LS: Mushrooms.

RB: Hollywood or Sydney?

LS: I’ll take Sydney any day, purely based on the fact that it’s not Hollywood - I hate L.A.

RB: What is the most decadent purchase you’ve made with your winnings?

LS: Nothing, really - I buy property or RC cars.

RB: Finish this sentence: "Having metal removed from your body is as much fun as ______.”

LS: "Getting pushed out a second-story window.” It’s not quite a third-story job to have it removed, but the second story applies for sure!

RB: What rhymes with rubber?

LS: Blubber.

RB: When was the last time you ever threw up in a foreign country?

LS: I’ve never thrown up, but I have had many an episode with the other end!

RB: What is the one thing you will not ride without?

LS: Everything, all my gear. I am also OCD about my bike--I have to have my engine stripped down and gone through—and also my suspension.

RB: What is your favourite video game right now?

LS: Tiger Woods Golf.

RB: We give you $1 million, but you have to give it all away. Who gets it?

LS: I would give it to the family of a fallen rider or anything to do with kids who are in need.

RB: What is the most challenging thing about being famous?

LS: The fact that I don’t like social media; it’s being pushed on anyone in this position. It takes away from life when everyone is always on their phones.

RB: What is your favourite FMX video of all time?

LS: Based on the most views, I would have to say the first Crusty Demons film.

RB: You see a kid riding without a helmet on - what do you tell him?

LS: It’s just common sense to wear a helmet. I would tell him that there’s more to life than just the next five minutes on his bike.