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James Stewart

Harley Quinlan seriously injured.


GYTR / Rockstar / Yamaha rising star Harley Quinlan was practicing at Robbie Marshall’s track in Queensland yesterday (Tuesday) and went over the bars as the result of a deflating tyre.  He has suffered serious spinal cord damage.

The third team member Ross Beaton, is already out with injury.

Quinlan has been riding as a Rookie in the current series and  6th in the Pro Lite’s overall after three rounds. 

He was 3rd in the Under 19s Class, of the Motocross Nationals.  He claimed 1st at the season finale at Coolum in July.

GYTR / Rockstar / Yamaha Development Team Manager Scott Bishop is expected to make a statement soon.

                                                     Harley Quinlan. Photo courtesy of Yamaha Australia.