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Paul Whibley - post op update

"Five long weeks have passed since the op and everything is going good. I have been given the green light to resume some light exercises and activity two weeks ago.

This has been such a welcome relief for myself and Katherine, whom I’m sure I was driving crazy pacing around like a caged animal.

Since gaining clearance I have mostly been out road cycling around the
Mountains and foothills to the North of the AmPro base. I have recently added some light gym work to the recovery program.

Dr Browns work has healed well and I can feel some strength returning, although the first hillon the maiden cycle had me wheezing like an eighty year old man. One aspect I have already noticed an improvement in is being able to sneeze without doubling over in pain like I was before the surgery.

That being said there are still areas that are a little tender and weak. I’m still a few weeks away from getting back on a bike but it can’t come soon enough.

The goal is to be back in action by the next round of the GNCCs at Unadilla. I’m sure I will still be a little rusty but hope to quickly get up to speed and by the start of the 2014 season be 100% ready for action.

Big thanks to Doctor Brown for his quick and accurate diagnoses and getting us in for the op as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone’s continued support and I look forward to being back on the track soon."