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Kirk Gibbs is the new “King of the Cross”

The event saw several national level pros and many of the state’s top locals vie for a share of $45,000 prizemoney including a $10,000 winner’s purse, and Gibbs made the event his biggest win of the year.

The result was made even more special after Gibbs came back from a first moto crash in which he came together with team mate Todd Waters at the first turn. After extricating his leg from the back wheel and salvaging 8th place, Gibbs strung together four back-to-back wins to claim the crown in deserving fashion.

Waters withdrew from the event after a race three fall in which he fell on his recovering shoulder, and decided that with a delicately poised MX Nationals championship title fight to be resumed next weekend - discretion was the better part of valour.

Kirk Gibbs - iKapture image. 

Kirk Gibbs: "In that first race I drifted out wide at the first turn, got on the throttle early and shot back inside, straight into Todd who was coming up the inside and we both went down. It was my fault and I take full responsibility. I got my leg caught in the back wheel but eventually got going and came eighth in that. In the next four I got a couple of holeshots, and had to pass Jake in another couple, and ended up winning the overall.
The WA people are really kind and nice and very keen, we were signing all day and giving stuff out. It helps the sport and gets more people around so it’s great to be able to do this, and to give back to KTM, who give us so much.”

Todd Waters: "Not my best day today. I’d already pitted in the first race to straighten my brake pedal, then in the third race I came from sixth and caught up to Marmont but the dust had gotten really bad if you weren’t leading. His engine blew up on the down ramp of a jump and dumped its oil and I landed in it and my bike washed out on me. I hit the deck and jarred my collarbone which gave me a scare. I realised I’d be silly to put my Nationals chances at risk when I’m out of contention here. If it was a national I’d have been out there with bells on but I’ve got bigger fish to fry in a week’s time, so I decided not to put myself at risk."

Provisional Results:
1. Kirk Gibbs
2. Jake Moss
3. Cody Mackie
4. Louis Calvin