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Day four wrapped up racing from Loretta Lynn's

From Jen Kenyon for MX Sports

Day four of the 32nd Annual Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL wrapped up its second set of motos on Friday at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. The day was a jam-packed full of racing as 20 National Champions emerged after three hard fought motos on the most prestigious amateur motocross platform in the country - Loretta Lynn's.


Just before the champions began to be crowned, the remaining classes ran through their second set of motos before an additional 16 champions will be crowned on Saturday afternoon. Michael Mitchell (16) kicked off the day with a Moto 2 win in the Vet B/C (30+) class, marking his second straight win in the class. Moto 2 runner-up Chad Murphy (54) had an impressive ride but an unfortunate DNF in the opening moto will keep Murphy from challenging the title.


Dean Spangler (25) topped the Two-Stroke B/C (16+) division with Josh Cartwright (51) close behind. Spangler has gone 1-3 so far, while Cartwright sits with a 15-2 score and everyone's favorite rider Jerry Robin sits 1-5 with one moto left to go on Saturday.


Tyler McSwain extended his two-race winning streak in the 450 B class and things are looking good heading into tomorrow's finale.


Luke Renzland (34) led every lap in Moto 2 of the 450 A class, despite Jace Owen's early pressure for the lead. Renzland eventually pulled a gap on Owen where he finished over 20 seconds ahead in the second moto. Renzland and Owen sit tied in points as they head into the final moto on Saturday.

Austin Forkner (21) got out front early on in Moto 2 of the Super Mini 2 (13-16) class but Mitchell Harrison never let the leader out of his sight as the two battled for the top spot. Forkner remains undefeated in the class after two motos.


All week long it's been a head-to-head battle between Ty Masterpool and Aiden Tijero (87) but this time it was all about the #95 as Masterpool bested his opponent to capture his second straight win in the 65 (7-11) class.


Keith Johnson (16) grabbed his second moto win of the Senior (40+) class ahead of Trampas Parker with a 4-2 moto score and John Grewe with a pair of third place finishes.

Things were looking good for Jace Owen in Moto 2 of the 250 A class but a big crash on Lap 4 left Owen unable to finish the second moto. In the meantime, a battle ensued between Shane McElrath (27) and Matt Bisceglia (95) for the lead position. In the end, McElrath was able to hold off Bisceglia to take the Moto 2 win and put an end to Bisceglia's undefeated record so far at the Ranch.


The final moto of the epic battle between McElrath and Bisceglia will take place Saturday afternoon beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern live on NBC.


The first National Champion crowned for 2013 was 250 C winner Tauan Brenner (24). Brenner captured the overall with a moto score of 6-4-2.


Heading into the final moto of the Vet (35+) class, professional motocross icons Timmy Ferry and Robbie Reynard were tied for points with one win apiece. The highly anticipated Moto 3 showcased an epic battle between Reynard and Ferry as the duo finished only three seconds apart for the National Championship.

The Mini Sr (12-14) class produced three different winners over three motos but only one rider emerged victorious at the end of the week and that was Joey Crown (35) with a moto score of 2-3-1.


Chase Sexton (51) put forth a strong finish in the Mini Sr. (12-14) class to earn second overall with a 4-4-2 moto score. Moto 2 winner Cameron Cannon (17) rounded out the overall podium with a 5-1-4 score for the day.

Jalek Swoll (35) captured the 85 (9-11) Limited championship with 2-1-2 finishes all week. Although Garrett Marchbanks (82) posted more moto wins than anyone, he took in second overall with a score of 1-5-1.

Mackenzie Tricker (28) put it on cruise control in the final moto of the Women (14+) class, where she took fourth place in the moto en route to her first-ever Loretta Lynn's amateur championship with a 1-1-4 moto score.


Kaitlyn Morrow (65) won the final moto in the Women's class to boost herself into second place overall, finishing the week with 2-8-1 scores.

Ryan Surratt (51) won the Schoolboy 2 (13-16) championship with a pair of firsts and one third throughout the moto set. Tristan Charboneau (16) came in second with 3-4-2 and Jarek Balkovic (55) rounded out the podium with 2-5-8.

450 C champion Derek Valenzuela (94) had an impressive week at the Ranch, taking the National title with a moto score of 1-1-2. Nathan Piper landed the Moto 3 win and with 4-13 scores in the first two, Piper secured second overall for the week.


Levi Bolton (42) went 1-2-3 for the 51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited championship.


Daxton Bennick (23) swept all three motos en route to the 51 (4-6) Special Limited

championship. Moon Gerrits posted 6-2-2 scores to grab the second overall position and Levi Leatherman finished a consistent string with 3-3-4.

Casey Cochran (60) finished the week on a high note as he captured the Moto 3 win in the 51 (4-6) Limited class en route to the National Championship. Noah Gordon (41) won the first moto of the week and then went 5-2 to secure second overall. Haiden Deegan (38), son of FMX superstar Brian Deegan, rounded out the overall podium with 8-1-3 finishes.

Jett Reynolds (79) was unstoppable all week long, first capturing all three moto wins in the 51 (7-8) Limited class. Reynolds then swept the 65 (7-9) Limited class to become the first rider this year to post six total wins between two classes.

The duo of Aiden Tijero (87) and Ty Masterpool returned to action in the 65 (10-11) class as they finished first and second in the class. Tijero bested Masterpool this time with 4-1-1 finishes, but Masterpool put in a hard fought set of motos with 2-2-3 finishes for the week.

Aaron Plessinger (57) had an impressive run in the 450 B Limited class sweeping all three motos of the week to capture his first National Championship of 2013. Plessinger currently sits undefeated after five motos and he looks to extend his streak tomorrow in the final moto of the 250 B class.

Mitchell Harrison (2) posted a 1-2-1 moto score to capture the Super Mini 1 (12-15)

class championship.

Matt Bisceglia went undefeated in the Open Pro Sport class but it was a hard fought battle from the #27 of Shane McElrath, who led most of Moto 3. McElrath slated a 3-3-2 score to finish second overall in the class, while RJ Hampshire (33) grabbed third with 2-4-3 finishes.

Garrett Marchbanks (82) captured the 85 (9-11) championship with a 3-1-1 finish for the day and Moto 1 winner Carson Mumford (22) finished close behind in the final moto to grab second overall with 1-4-2 finishes.


Although Josh Cartwright wasn't able to secure a moto win in the College B/C (16-24) class, his moto score of 3-3-2 was enough to capture the title. Michael Barnum's 20th
place finish in the opening moto gave him eighth overall but the two-time moto winner proved his skills amongst the competitive field.
Trampas Parker and John Grewe had an epic battle in the final moto of the Senior (45+) class where ultimately Grewe came out on top. However, Parker topped Grewe's 2-2-1 finishes with a moto score of 1-1-2. 

Kevin Foley topped the Masters (50+) class for the National championship despite a second place finish behind Davis Hand in the final moto of the day.