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A4DE - Challenging Day 3

201 out of the 242 riders started this morning at Parc Ferme and went over to the KTM Cross Test, "The Woky” Cross Test and the Pilot Air Enduro Test.

Daniel Milner has maintained his outright lead after day three of the 2013 Harvey Fresh Australian Four Day (A4DE) and enters the final day with a one minute lead over Chris Hollis.

Husqvarna rider, Matthew Phillips had a good third day of the A4DE.
"So far, we have had three different sorts of terrains in three days. I felt good. Few mistakes here and there and a few crashes, racing was great between Daniel, Chris and I. It kept me on my toes all day. I went down really hard in the last test, but the race isn’t over yet. Still have one more day and we are just going to hit it as hard as we can tomorrow. Hope that I can go fast enough to grab the title.”

Yamaha rider, Stefan Granquist faced a lot of difficulties throughout the day.
"I had to make some changes on my bike. The engine was cut off, so I lost a bit of time there. Unfortunately I had a lot of crashes throughout the day, but I really gave it my all to make up on the lost time. Another day to go, so I am just going to ride and we will see what happens.”

Geoff Ballard was leading the Masters today and is followed closely by Trent Lean and Ian Jenner who are coming in second and third respectively.

Jessica Gardiner was the top women’s rider. She finished with a time of 43:46.756 which was 21 seconds faster than Emelie Karlsson. Tayla Jones followed closely and finished third.

With provisional results of three days so far, anticipation is building to see if Daniel Milner can hang onto the outright lead and will win the 2013 Harvey Fresh Australian Four Day Enduro.

After seven tests and 242k’s the top three per class for Day 3 are as follows:
E1:  1. Daniel Milner, 2. Tom McCormack, 3. Peter Boyle
E2:  1. Chris Hollis, 2. Stefan Merriman, 3. Lachlan Stanford
E3:  1. Geoff Braico, 2. Ben Grabham, 3. Mitchell Bowen
Veterans:  1. Damian Smith, 2. Kirk Hutton, 3. Adam Riemann
Masters:  1 Geoff Ballard, 2. Trent Lean, 3. Ian Jenner
Women:  1. Jessica Gardiner, 2. Emelie Karlsson, 3. Tayla Jones

The progressive has Daniel Milner in the outright lead after day three.

The top 10 are as follows:

1 Daniel Milner 1:45:05.226
2 Chris Hollis 1:46:10.462

 3 Matthew Phillips 1:47:38.644
4 Glenn Kearney1:49:04.992

 5 Josh Green 1:49:38.840
6 Tom McCormack 1:50:10.153
7 Stefan Merriman 1:50:19.805
8 Peter Boyle 1:50:31.758
9. Lachlan Stanford 1:50:38.460
10 Ben Burrell 1:50:52.351

Courtesy of Peggy Tuinstra, Media Officer with Motorcycling Australia