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Cairoli and Herlings reign supreme in Ernee

This is the first MX2 race - note the huge crowd.Nikki Scott said; "I have never seen a crowd as amazing as this one in France, It gives me goosebumps! This is hands down my favorite GP yet! #ElectricAtmosphere."

Despite the threatening dark skies, thousands of passionate motocross fans gathered today in Ernee, France, to witness the pure speed and talent of current world champions Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings as they add yet another GP victory to their already glamorous resumes.

The MX1 saw some of the most spectacular racing of the season with a huge battle in race one between the current world champion Antonio Cairoli and the French fan favourite Gautier Paulin, Paulin won that particular battle but had nothing for Cairoli in race two. Cairoli responded in the best way possible by leading race two from start to finish to take the GP overall. Paulin claimed second overall with his 1 - 4 finishes ahead of Clement Desalle who went 3 – 2 for third.

In the MX2 Jeffrey Herlings proved he has the heart of a true champion, after suffering from a huge crash yesterday the Flying Dutchman returned today to claim two first place finishes, behind him Dylan Ferrandis and Christophe Charlier kept the French fans fired up taking home second and third overall.

Video highlights:

Ernee is ready to go.

The paddock and start straight.

A section of Saturday's crowd - just for Qualifying.