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Manukau MX - all the answers.

Latest feedback is many of the Juniors that will be at Taupo on Saturday will come back to Manukau for racing.  I have had calls / emails from several seniors who will be back for Manukau on Monday. 

Yes, you can enter on the day for an additional $5.

Sunday or Monday $40.00 (for 1 class)

(Sunday or Monday) $40.00 (for 1 class)

$55.00 (for 2 classes)

both days entry ( Sunday & Monday) $70.00 (for 1 class each day)

$85.00 (for 2 classes each day)

Sign on / Brief- 8.00am to 9.00am

Practice Starts- 9.30am

Classes -:

Seniors (15 years and Over)

A Grade (For National and Expert level riders)

B Grade (For Intermediate Riders)

C Grade (For Novice Riders)

Under 16 Juniors

A grade (Junior 125/250F and Faster 85cc experienced riders can enter in Seniors)

B Grade (85cc and Faster 65cc)

C Grade incl Mini's (Slower 65cc and Minis / Pitbikes)Vets (34yrs plus)

May Split or Combine Classes if numbers dictate

Feature Race on Monday with $2,500 prize money. Pro A riders and top 5 Juniors. Will be 3x10 min races back to back with 5 min in between, prize money back to 5th.

1st $1100 - 2nd $500 - 3rd $400 - 4th $300 - 5th $200


  • This event is setup as low pressure fun days, with the object of having fun rather than results. 
  • No races will be lap scored.
  • Spot prizes & giveaways.
  • All in (including experienced juniors at promoters discretion)
  • Motorcycles must be in a sound state of repair.
  • Boots, helmets and full length pants and shirts are compulsory.
  • Also highly recommended are chest protectors, goggles, gloves & knee pads.
  • Dangerous or foul riding will not be tolerated nor will cheating such as course cutting
  • No jumping the Rubber Band Starts. Offenders will be asked to leave.
  • For more info or questions, contact or phone Carl on 021 713725.