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James Stewart

Track inspection - Manukau MX.

In Moto-Media - Vol.207 on Friday I talked about how Carl had described the track as; "... a good 2.5 minute lap - has 4 jumps - all safe step-up to flat landing areas or big tabletops - differing line options on several of the corners. He said even the 'Pro boys' will love it."

Tony and Jan Doeksen walked the entire track and were both enthusiastic about it.  Not dis-similar to that used at Puhinui but this track has been ripped to a width of 5 metres wide and the jump faces are custom built by Carl who is no stranger to building MX tracks.  Acerbis pegs will go at 7 metres wide so there is plenty of racing room.

Tony said; "Yes, it's well over a 2 minute track and it's quite technical in places.  The jump faces are very great with good landing areas."    

The track covers a wide area between the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre and the Southern Motorway / new International Airport interchange.  Unlike the Super X events the MX track extends as far south as it can before winding back.

The startline will be  parallel with the motorway and go north from the southern end. 

Expect plenty of spectators as has been the case for the last two years.  There are plenty of other 'motorsport' activities including on Sunday, the start of the Dunlop Targa Rally. 

The Full Throttle Weekend billboard is very visible from the Motorway when heading north.

Northern jump.  Tony Cooksley at left with Jan Doeksen.

Riders enter at top left and then come around into this step-up.  The land area is large but on a slope so quite technical.

Now heading south.

This is the very southern point and has a ski jump and a couple of rollers. 

Now heading north you approach this with a ski-jump on the inside or go wide to avoid it. That jump there is bigger than it looks and mulch will cover the road, then it's hard left and around into the jump just visible. Pro riders will single, single into the hard left. 

Carl Sorenson joins Tony and Jan.  The good riders will pound into this step-up to get good distance.