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James Stewart

Introducing the CMR Moto X Race Team.

Back in Moto-Media Vol.200 of 12 July I mentioned; "This was on the back of Cannon Smith's Toyota but he was 'coy' as to what it all means ?”

I kind-of second guessed it but was told to wait.  'C' is for Cannon as in Smith and 'M' is for Martin as in Collins. 

Nobody is more passionate about motocross than Cannon Smith and through his signage business CSC, he has long been a supporter of the sport and many riders. Add to that his son Chase is also a talented motocrosser.

Martin Collins ran BMW Motorsport for 7 years and they won 7 titles.  He then managed TKR (Team Kiwi Racing) and they won two National Championships. He then departed for reasons known to any motorsport follower.   

Martin is a Driver Trainer for BMW and with Mike Eady they run all the BMW Drive Days and Corporate Days. 

MINI is a BMW product and Martin set-up MINI Challenge which he ran for 4 seasons.  Biggest grid was 23 cars but sadly the series became a victim of the economy and the size of the grid diminished.  

I know Martin because I handled their media.  At the races we often chatted about motocross as Martin enjoyed the trail/enduro scene.  He once said to me; "One day I will apply my 15 years race team experience and my business model to motocross.”                                    Martin Collins at a MINI Challenge driver's briefing.

The connection with Cannon came about as Cannon did the signage for TKR in the early days and later MINI Challenge.

The deal was done with KTM and this would be the Motorex KTM ‘factory team’ in New Zealand.

KTM wanted only two Seniors and two Juniors.  Those four are: Luke Burkhart on the 250 and Shaun Fogarty on the 350.  Micah McGoldrick on the 125 and Chase Smith on the 85.  Note no 450.

A Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van was then located and a MX trailer fitted out for racing.

Potential sponsors were sought and thus far they have One Industries Helmets, DRAGON Goggles, Future Cuisine, Alpinstars clothing and boots, TAG Metals and CSC Signage. 

Red Bull is now confirmed and they are working through that at present. 

Of course there is also Motorex and KTM and CMR wish to acknowledge the support of Jeff Leisk from KTM.

First public outing for the team is Taupo’s Extravaganza at Labour Weekend, then Summercross at Whakatane before New Year’s and Woodville in late January. Then there are the four National Rounds.  

It’s a very good team, they should do well.