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James Stewart

Fermo - what the riders said.

Josh Coppins - Synergy-Sport

"Today has been very emotional for me. On the one hand I’m going to miss this competitive level of racing, not to mention all the friends and kind people I have met over the years in all the different countries but on the other hand I was really happy to cross the finish line and put an end to a memorable career in Grand Prix Motocross I really had a great time in the second moto. The bike was working really well and I wanted to make my final moto a tribute to the Aprilia team for the effort they have put in over the season. I have really enjoyed my time with them working on the MX project and feel we have achieved good results together."

Clement Desalle - Team Suzuki Press Office

"It is incredible for me to win here because I could not do anything during the week and was having a really tough time. Anyway I took second in the World Championship and we managed something special here today. I really want to thank my family, my girlfriend and the team for all their help this week. I knew after the first practice that I was in for a hard weekend and I was just focussed on keeping that second place. I would actually like to win when I do not have an injury! The bruising actually improved in a few days during the week so I hope it will be much better very soon."

Steve Ramon - Team Suzuki Press Office

"I was feeling strong today and both motos were good although I started to get a bit tired in the last 10 minutes of the second race. I just missed the GP win but I am still pleased with the second place. I really enjoyed that first moto and we had some good battles; it must have looked good on the TV because I had the onboard camera! I want to say thanks to the team because we have done a good job again this year even if I have had to deal with some injuries and it wasn't my best season."

Tony Cairoli - KTM Racing

"This was a bad day for me. There have been no bad points for the season up till now but now with this small injury, fortunately not something serious, I now want to concentrate on getting ready for the Nations." On Saturday it was announced that outstanding issues with the Italian Federation had been resolved and Cairoli was now on the team to ride for Italy in two weeks time in the MXoN. "I was surprised," he said. "But this year has been full of surprises for me and its one of the best seasons I ever had."

Max Nagl - KTM Racing

"I'm a bit disappointed not to finish third in the championship but that's how it is. four races ago David (Philippaerts) was 25 points in front of me and I caught him up to just four points. I did all I could,"

Rui Goncalves - KTM Racing

"This is a special track and there are not too many lines. The way they water it makes it tough to overtake but I managed to get in the top 10 in both motos and to finish in the top eight is not so bad."

David Philippaerts - Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team

"I tried my best today but right now I am in a lot of pain and I want to see the doctor as soon as possible to know what is wrong. I came into the rut at the bottom of the hill and hit it quite hard. I twisted my knee and for the next two laps I could not jump anything. I then got the sign that I needed to catch Goncalves for third in the championship so I had to grit my teeth and push. We will have to see what the scan says now but I hope it is nothing serious because we are so close to the Nations."

Philippaerts suffered a second-degree strain of the media lateral ligament in his right knee and withdrew from the MXoN. "This is the last thing I wanted to happen because the news at Fermo that we could go and race for our country was fantastic for us and all the fans,” he said. "I’m lucky that the injury is not a third-degree tear because that would mean surgery. However I cannot ride nor do anything for nearly three weeks now; if the ligament has any more stress then it might go completely and that would put me out for quite a while.  I want to thank all the people that supported me at the weekend and through the season and I am sorry I cannot do the Nations for them, the team and all our sponsors. I really hope that Italy can do well.”

Ken De Dycker - Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci Motocross Team

"It wasn't really a good weekend. I didn't have a good feeling at this track and struggled on the up-hills. I had a good start in the second moto but then Guarneri crashed in front of me so I was stuck. Overall I'm pleased to end the season. I have struggled with some injuries and it looked like the year would turn around for me after the win in Germany but it wasn't to be."

Ken Roczen - Team Suzuki Press Office

"This is what I wanted. I took two race wins and I was really going for it. I felt better today than I did yesterday and rode really well. I had a good fight with Marvin until he crashed in the second moto. Marvin has been a great opponent but lately I have come closer and showed that I can be good too. I had two fast starts and that really helped. I planned to make the break early and it worked to perfection even if I did have to wait a little bit in the first one because the track had been watered and was quite slick. We have had a season with some ups and downs but I am really happy to have finished my first full year in this strong way."

Arnaud Tonus - Team Suzuki Press Office 

"This feels great! I got-on with the track and could really push here. I was surprised when I learnt I had made the podium. My starts were not so good so I really had to go for it to reach the positions I did and get near the front. I was consistent in both races and then had that good news when I came across the line. I am going to work hard this winter to make the next step and take some more results like this next season."

Larissa Papenmeier - Team Suzuki Press Office (3rd 2010 Women's World Championship)

"I'm really happy to have another victory. I want to thank my family and my boyfriend and all my friends. The track was awesome with some fun jumps that were also technical; it was a good track for me and I wanted to win. I had some bad luck at the beginning of the season so to finish top-three in the Championship is a good result."