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from ... Micah McGoldrick

On Thursday the 26th April my Dad and I flew into Melbourne for the 3rd round of the Monster Energy Australian Motocross Championship.   After setting up the bike and packing all our gear, we headed south of Melbourne to Wonthaggi.   

Having missed the second round because of the Junior Nationals, the Under 19 title was out of the question for me coming into the 3rd round. So my goal for the weekend was to finish the top ten, hoping to achieve good starts and consistent results.

The forecast for the weekend was overcast with a high of 15C, pretty much perfect. Track was dark sand but also a part of the track was hard pack. Throughout the weekend the track cut up super rough just like every another round.

Saturday. Practice:  Practice went okay. Track was smooth and fast and a lot of lines had formed. Bike setup was feeling good, seemed to be handling okay. I was 12th fastest after practice,  but it was only practice. I definitely needed to find more speed on the track if I wanted to run with the top guys.

Saturday. Qualifying:  Didn’t go to plan. I took off mid pack which I never do, I had riders in front of me and behind me. I was looking for a gap but I never got one.  By the time I tried to lay down a hot lap I new I would  be lucky to be sitting in the top 20. As I pulled in to see to Marty, time was up. Overall I qualified 30th which was not ideal. Started wrong and ended wrong, it was never right.

Sunday. Racing: After a disappointing first day I was fired up and determined to turn it round.   Practice I was just sitting outside the top 10 in times.


Moto1: I was off to shocker start way out the back. I started making my way up fast, then went down large, coming into a corner. Finished outside the top 20. Then a 5 minute break.

Moto2: I was off to bit better start sitting outside of the top 20. I started picking off riders right down to the last corner. I ended up 15th.


Moto3: Last and final moto of the day. I pick a didn’t gate cause I got lucky with it. It was right out to the outside, plan was to carry my speed right round everyone.  I got a good jump and just pinned it, I came out of the first corner just sitting outside of the top 5.  Yaayyyy.   Best start yet. But then within a couple of corners my left arm cramp up real bad ended my good start and my racing for the day.  I have never had cramp like this before, just a reminder  for me that my body may need some general maintenance, just like my bike.

Thank you  to all my support team once again!!!!!        From Micah