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from ... Karl Power

Hi Guys, just a quick bit of info....

Over the last few weeks have been very busy. We have managed to get around to most of the people that help us out and say a quick hello. It was great to see everyone and catch up and spin a few yarns.

In that same week I had been to the two different Doc's and had clearance to slow start walking and getting back into some work and my wrist.....well that’s another story. He has taken the cast off and let me use my arm freely. The Scaphoid break has healed nicely and the other old fracture hasn’t healed so well. There has been a bit extra grown on theside and it might cause me problems down the track. I have to go back for a scan in three weeks time to see what's going on in the inside and then he will take it from there. It’s a waiting game......

Apart from working, I also have been working out a little hoping it will help the healing of my wrist but I cant push it too much as its still a bit tender.Also I went to the last round of the GNCC to watch the boys race. It was good to get a view from the other side of racing but I don’t want to get use to it! To be honest I got a bit itchy while watching the racing.

Another reason that I'm a bit itchy to get back to racing is I picked up my new bike the other day and I have been spending hours putting it together and making some mods to it.

I made the most of the long weekend too by getting out and doing some coaching which I love doing too. It’s a great way to meet new people and teaching kids how to ride there bikes properly.

Coming up is the Te Puke Enduro Cross. This will be the third year running and the first year I will be missing this. It’s a great event but once again I will be there watching from the side lines and helping out Chris to hopefully take the win for us!

All going well I should have some good news to check in with soon!