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The Renaissance Man - Parts 1 & 2

Matt will be attempting to jump 100 feet on his dirt bike at Competitive Edge in Hesperia, California. Matt has been preparing for months leading up to this day by training with his motorcycle coach, Micky Dymond, and by practicing yoga to help him stay balanced on his bike. One, couldn’t imagine jumping blind even off of a five foot jump, and the thought of jumping 100 feet seems unfathomable but it doesn’t to Wadsworth because "where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Disabilities may hinder a person’s life, but they will never stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Matt travels home to London to rest his injured shoulder and reconnect with his past. We meet three wise men instrumental in shaping Matt's worldview, and journey to the field in Manchester where his love for motorcycles began. Meanwhile, back in California, Micky and the team are re-sculpting the jump to launch Matt higher and farther than ever before.

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