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MotoGP's tribute to Marco Simoncelli

This was Marco's big breakthrough season. He consistently qualified among the leading pack, including taking pole position at Catalunya and Essen. Early in the season he was criticised by opposing riders as being too aggressive - particuarly Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. But this only made Marco even more determined to prove his doubters wrong. Unlucky in numerous races where he crashed or got penalties whilst in podium positions, he finally got his first podium coming in at 3rd place at Brno. He then went even further and achieved second place at Phillip Island...his last full GP.

Had Marco not passed away, he would of been one of the favorites and probably Casey Stoner's biggest challenger next season in the new 1000cc class. A future World Champion no doubt.

In an era where despite the talent at the top of MotoGP is at it's best since the early 90's, there is a massive lack of big characters in the premier class of motorcycling. Marco rejuvenated this aspect and interacted with the fans like no one before him and built a loyal fan base all around the world. At every GP, the young and the old, hand in hand, wear their SuperSic T-Shirts and their Marco afro wigs and will continue to do so even without their man racing on the track.

He was known for his charismatic personality off the track and his fierce aggressive style of riding on the track, here is a video of some of his best moments of 2011 and some of his not so good ones.

Ciao, Super Sic